Jimmy Choo

Halle Berry - Biker - Out & About NYC REX IMAGES

Taking its inspiration from the iconic Jimmy Choo BIKER boots, the BIKER bag adds rock 'n roll attitude to any look.

A vintage design inspired by laid back west coast style, Jimmy Choo launches the BIKER collection.

Adding an instant rock ā€˜nā€™ roll attitude to your look, the androgynous geometric shape and feature discreet details small metal studs and the draped biker chain.

Biker Bag L-Shearling - Black Biker L - Taupe
Biker S - Black bikerleather Biker S- Taupe
Jessica Alba - Biker - Out & About Paris July 2012 GETTY Images
Selena Gomez - Bon Bon - Out
& About LA REX Images
Zoe Saldana - Biker - Out & About LA July 2012 REX Images


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