• Q1.

    What does DLF stand for?


    The company has adopted DLF as its complete name and no longer considers it as an abbreviation.

  • Q2.

    When was the company founded and who founded it?


    The company was founded by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh on 19th September 1946 and was incorporated as DLF Universal Limited. The company later changed its name to DLF Limited in 2007.

  • Q3.

    What does the company do?


    The company is in the business of developing real estate across India and is primarily in to the development of residential, shopping malls, offices and commercial complexes.

  • Q4.

    What is the logo of the company?


    The logo consist of the capital letters DLF written in bold italics with a pyramid symbol, which itself contains component pyramids to convey cohesion, interdependence, support and foundation, to a common purpose and to achieve greater heights. The company's tag line- 'Building India' is written below the logo.

  • Q5.

    What is the business model of the company?


    The company operates via two models- sales and rental. The sales model is termed Development Business and the rental business is referred to as Annuity Business.

  • Q6.

    Where is the registered address of the company?


    The company has its registered office at DLF Shopping Mall, 3rd Floor, Arjun Marg, DLF City, Phase-1, Gurgaon- 122002, Haryana

  • Q7.

    Where is the company's corporate head office located?


    The corporate head office of the company is located at DLF Gateway Tower, R Block, DLF City Phase – III, Gurugram – 122002, Haryana

  • Q8.

    Which cities does the company has presence across India?


    The company is present across 24 cities in India developing various projects across its businesses. You may visit DLF Presence to know more.

  • Q9.

    Who is heading the company?


    The company is professionally run with Dr. K. P. Singh as the Chairman and Mr Rajiv Singh as the Vice Chairman.

  • Q10.

    Does the company undertake any CSR activities?


    The company is keenly working towards the betterment of the society and does CSR through its arm- DLF Foundation. You may visit DLF Foundation to know more.

  • Q11.

    What is the annual turnover of the company?


    The company reported Consolidated Annual Revenues of Rs 8,941 crore for the financial year 2016 - 2017.

  • Q12.

    Is the company listed in stock exchanges?


    The company was listed in National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in 2007 via an IPO which was the biggest IPO ever in the history of Indian Capital markets at that point in time.

  • Q13.

    Where can I find financial information about the company?


    You may visit our Investors section in this website to know financial information about the company.