DLF HUDA Expressway – Raghvendra Marg

DLF Ltd and Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), in 50: 50 cost sharing have completed the 16- lane, 10.5 km road network – Raghvendra Marg in Gurgaon. This stretch from NH8 Toll Plaza to Sector 55/56 in Gurgaon has six underpasses, one flyover and freeways which has improved the traffic management in the city. The project management was done by Parsons / AECOM Brinckerhoff and construction was done mainly by IL&FS.

Rapid Metro

DLF Cybercity is the only commercial hub in the world to get its own privately funded public Metro, operated and owned by IL&FS. With track length of more than 5 kms, it has 6 stations across Cybercity. This has not only reduced the traffic congestion but has helped more than 400 national and international corporate save money in taxi-fleet by proving the last mile of connectivity to employees.

Captive Power Plant and District Cooling System

DLF is the only real estate developer in the country with its own captive gas based power plant. We have implemented Co-generation technology concept which not only produces high quality power for our tenants in Cybercity but the waste heat from engines and turbines are also converted to chilled water through a Vapour Absorption Machine (VAM) and used to provide air-conditioning. The power plant produces 113 MW of high-quality, uninterrupted power at any given point of time.

Automated Car Parks

DLF has constructed two automated multi level car parking projects namely Capitol Point at Baba Kharag Singh Marg and South Square at Sarojini Nagar for NDMC. Both the car parks work on pallet based technology moving on conveyor beds. The two car parks have a total capacity of parking 2232 cars.

Private Fire Station

In order to ensure fire safety in its properties and the adjoining areas in case of a fire emergency, DLF has set up private Fire Stations at DLF5 and Cybercity. It operates another Fire Station at its property in Chennai. The Fire Stations have state-of-the-art equipment which include 3 hydraulic platforms each - two 90 meters and one 60 meters in height - sourced from Finland. DLF has the distinction of being the only private developer in the country to have hydraulic platforms of 90m height. The height of the equipment is very crucial for conducting rescue operations in a high-rise building, in the eventuality of a fire outbreak. These hydraulic platforms are capable of carrying a load of 400 kg. DLF Fire Stations house two fire tenders and each of them has fire dousers with a capacity of carrying 18 kilolitres of water per vehicle. Furthermore, the water monitor installed on the cage can throw up water for another 35 meters above the cage. The station is manned by trained fire safety personnel with several years of fire fighting experience.

Solar Power

In an effort to make DLF properties more environment friendly, we have adopted green and renewable energy in our buildings. Solar panels have been installed in over 90% of available shadow free roof top space in all buildings of Cyber City. The total installed capacity of solar power is 356KW and a total of appx. 3 lacs units of energy are generated in a year. The generated solar power is integrated with the main power line and is being utilized real time.


DLF5 becomes the first area in the city to come under CCTV surveillance to insure additional safety for the residents. DLF has installed 18 high-zoom cameras with wireless connectivity with a 24-hour operated control room. Even though all hi-rise condominiums have their own surveillance, this facility is to improve safety and security of the entire area including open areas and roads.

Cyber Hub

DLF has introduced one-of-its-kind lifestyle destination for dining, entertainment and leisure, Cyber Hub, in DLF Cybercity, Gurgaon. This food and beverage hub has the finest names in Indian, International and specialty cuisines. The highlights include open air or Al Fresco cafes and dining, Themed restaurants, micro brewery and pubs, Lounge bars, terrace dining and fine dining restaurants. Apart from dining, Cyber Hub has event space dedicated for live shows, music concerts and thematic festivals.


DLF has filed five safety patents pertaining to safety against any possible threat. These safety methods against any possible hazard have already been implemented in the commercial buildings across country and DLF intents to replicate them in its residential complexes as well.

Sewage Treatment Plant

As part of DLF's focus on sustainable development, DLF5 houses a state-of-the-art Sewage Treatment Plant to recycle water and ensure water conservation. Conforming to international standards, the STP can treat 14 MGD of sewage per day. The quality of treated water almost meets the parameters of drinking water, though we are using this treated water for all our green initiatives like horticulture as well as non-domestic applications like flushing. We are also using this water to charge our lakes in the Gary Player & Arnold Palmer courses and for construction related activities.

Tree Transplantation

DLF5's focus on the environment and ecology encourages sustainability in various forms. Besides acres of sustainably maintained greenery, DLF created history by conducting possibly the largest "Tree-transplantation" exercise in South-East Asia at the DLF Golf and Country Club on the occasion of Earth Day in April 2012 In a first of its kind initiative, over 250 mature trees were prepared and transplanted to another location using the latest technology and equipment.

Tree Transplantation requires extensive horticulture expertise. A city based landscape agency was hired along with International experts from Australia. The experts performed a series of activities like - Soil Testing, Tree preparation which involves root preparation/pruning, Root Excavation, Burlapping of root zone to hold the root ball together, Application of root zone mix, Leaf stripping in order to reduce the stress, Tree anchoring and Branch bracing so the branches do not snap during transportation.

The planting procedure involved preparation of planting hole, tree support - anchored with steel ropes, mulching - to cover the soil surface against any erosion or extreme damage to top root zone, watering - a watering basin is constructed with soil around the perimeter of the root ball, creating a drainage system - inspection pipes were installed in the four corners of the planting hole in order to avoid any water logging problems and regular maintenance practices such as weeding, cleaning, spraying pesticides to prevent any disease attack.

A state of the art misting irrigation system was installed to create a more favourable environment during the tree healing process. The transplantation contractor has also been retained by DLF to provide post transplant maintenance, consulting and ensuring a long life for the trees.