DLF 100% water conservation

Embodying Sustainability at work, how DLF Offices conserve every drop with zero water wastage

Water is gradually becoming a scarce resource. With the onset of climate change, water conservation has become more necessary than ever. Commercial buildings have long been labelled as huge energy and resource consumers. DLF Offices has taken a huge stride towards changing this notion with state-of-the-art, sustainable office spaces. As one of the nation's leading developers, DLF has emerged as a trailblazer in developing sustainable offices that conserve every drop of water; ensuring zero water wastage. This monumental achievement has earned us 45 global accreditations from reputed international organisations like USGBC.

Sustainability as a Core Value

As an industry leader that values environmental stewardship and responsible business practices, DLF Offices has always strived to address the water crisis head-on. Leading by example, we align our projects with the goals of global sustainability and incorporate a comprehensive strategy for water conservation, ensuring that not a single droplet goes to waste. DLF has taken various steps to ensure 100% water conservation in their commercial spaces for lease, helping corporates towards their own sustainability goals while we achieve ours.

DLF Offices have cutting-edge rain-water harvesting systems which ensure that all the collected rainwater is treated and used for various purposes within the office complex. This significantly reduces the dependence of water from external sources. All DLF Offices spaces also have employed advanced water recycling technologies that treat and purify all the wastewater generated within the office complex. This makes the recycled water suitable for non-potable uses such as irrigation and flushing. These steps are further enhanced by the deployment of efficient water fixtures and water audits and monitoring. By investing in plumbing fixtures and appliances along with using real-time monitoring systems, DLF Offices ensures that water wastage and related inefficiencies are taken care of without compromising user comfort.

Global Recognitions and Accreditations

DLF Offices commitment towards creating sustainable workspaces to ensure a brighter future is not just rhetoric, it is substantiated by our complete operational portfolio being LEED Zero Water certified. These accreditations solidify their position as a leader in both sustainability and cutting-edge real estate developments. Various international forums that recognise sustainable real estate have commended the exceptional efforts made by DLF in the realm of sustainability and water conservation.

DLF Offices commitment towards sustainability has been further solidified by their high positioning in global sustainability rankings and various accreditations. DLF Offices has been given the Platinum certification for sustainability in buildings by LEED. They have also been certified as a sector leader in sustainable practices by GRESB and Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. These globally recognised rankings further affirm their reputation as an eco-conscious developer.

Spearheading a sustainable journey

In conclusion, DLF Offices journey towards achieving zero water wastage in all of their workplaces stands as proof of their commitment to sustainability and achieving a better future. Our pioneering approach towards water conservation sets the standard for sustainable developments in the real estate industry. It is also living proof that responsible development and sustainable practices can coexist harmoniously, benefitting the environment, businesses, and society as a whole. DLF Offices continues to lead the way towards a sustainable and secure future.

DLF South work life balance

How DLF Offices is reviving and revolutionising work culture and promoting work-life balance

The realm of commercial real estate is very dynamic and volatile. Its fluctuating nature can be credited to the unpredictability of the corporate world. The pandemic caused a major shift in the paradigms of corporate culture with a large number of people opting to work from home. However, working from home came with its own unique challenges, people saw a drop in productivity which was primarily due to the communication gap because of a lack of interpersonal communication. DLF, a pioneer in the real estate industry, has been at the forefront of creating revolutionary office spaces that redefine the way we work. With its revolutionary workspaces, DLF has been spearheading the revival of the office culture.

The DLF Advantage: A Legacy of Excellence

As one of the most reputed real estate developers in India, DLF has cemented its reputation as an industry leader. Known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, DLF has a track record of delivering world-class projects with ultra-modern amenities that meet the evolving needs of businesses and professionals.

In an era marked by stark shifts in working patterns and the emergence of the work-from-home culture, DLF Offices has taken up the challenge of reviving office culture. DLF's approach exceeds their state-of-the-art workspaces, they provide the workforce with a holistic environment that is brimming with vibrancy and promotes productivity, team spirit and an ideal work-life balance.

Empowering Work Culture

The back-to-work movement in India is led by Chennai, boasting an enormous ratio of 95% of the population opting to work from office. This can be credited to the marquee property of Chennai, DLF Cyber City. Empowering work environments with cutting-edge amenities and a host of recreational avenues, Cyber City Chennai is a 43-acre progressive ecosystem that beckons the future. Along with 12 commercial buildings equipped with pioneering technology and top-of-the-line amenities like daycare, cafe lounge, and food street, Cyber City Chennai is also the city's centre for recreational and rejuvenation activities. Housing multiple leisure and entertainment avenues like leading retail stores, food zones, fitness centres, The Hub and Oxyzone are premium venues for socialisation and recreation situated in the heart of Cyber City Chennai.

A Bright Future for Workspaces

DLF's vision of revolutionizing office spaces goes beyond creating state-of-the-art commercial spaces. It pertains to creating an environment that fosters productivity, innovation, collaboration and an ideal work environment that promotes a good work-life balance. DLF Offices aspires to set the stage for the beckoning of a bright future where work is not just a place to be but an experience to cherish and people can call their workplace their second home. As times change and businesses evolve, DLF continues to be a beacon of excellence in the real estate industry, shaping the way we work and live.

DLF South 100% Renewable Energy

Powering the Future of Work with 100% Renewable Energy

In an age where dealing with climate change is one of the key concerns all around the world, sustainable practices have never been more relevant and necessary. As per the report titled "Corporate Sourcing of Renewables: Market and Industry Trends" by IRENA, conglomerates all around the world are looking for ways to make a positive impact on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint while simultaneously directing the norms of the future of work. One of the most notable examples of this is DLF Cyber City Hyderabad. The project houses numerous qualities, the most notable being that the entire campus of Cybercity Hyderabad is powered by 100% renewable energy. This is not just a testament to DLF's commitment towards a sustainable and brighter future but also a benchmark for workplaces that embody a futuristic design and functionality, embrace clean energy, foster collaboration, and champion a holistic approach to work-life balance. (Include study)

A Sustainable Revolution in Workspaces

Office spaces have long been perceived as huge energy consumers with little to no regard for their environmental impact. With concerns about climate change intensifying, there has been a recognition of how businesses must take responsibility for their carbon footprint. This realization has given way to the adoption of sustainable architecture and green building practices. (include study)

As showcased by the RE100 Annual Report, most of organisations today are actively looking for ways to reduce their ecological footprint, and embracing renewable energy sources is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal. DLF's commitment to adopting sustainable practices like 100% using renewable energy sources is a testament to the major strides towards creating a cooler and greener world.

DLF Cybercity Hyderabad: The Ideal Sustainable Workplace

Located in the IT corridor of Gachibowli-Hyderabad, DLF Cyber City Hyderabad consists of a multi-block integrated campus with a 5-story, centrally air-conditioned retail zone. The workspace is approximately 4 km away from HITEC City and has easy accessibility to the Outer Ring Road. The airport is a 30-minute drive away. DLF Cybercity Hyderabad's design is an amalgamation of functional and aesthetic standpoints, with advanced sustainability features and robust services. The campus comprises three office blocks of approximately 3 million sq. ft and an expansive parking area. It is a well-equipped campus with the latest safety measures, such as a fully functional management and disaster room along with the benchmark air filtration apparatus MERV-14, making it one of the safest places to work.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Work

Being powered by 100% renewable energy DLF's Cybercity Hyderabad is the perfect representation of the shift in the paradigm of how we conceive and construct office spaces. It is also the perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge amenities, sustainability, and innovative design that offers a glimpse into the future of workplaces. Cybercity Hyderabad is the perfect demonstration of the fact that businesses can contribute towards a positive change in environmental conditions while simultaneously adapting to the demands of the modern workforce as the world grapples with the challenges of climate change.

All in all, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad combines sustainability, productivity, and well-being. It is a coming-of-age project that paves the way and inspires companies to create workspaces that are not just functional but also regenerative, inclusive, and harmonious with the environment.

How a 100% renewable energy-powered office is shaping the future of work

Powering the Future of Work: The Rise of Cybercity Chennai by DLF

In an age where climate change is a pressing concern, and sustainable practices are paramount, companies worldwide are seeking innovative ways to contribute positively to the environment while redefining the future of work. One notable example of this endeavour is the visionary project known as Cybercity Chennai, developed by the renowned real estate giant, DLF. This 100% renewable energy-powered office complex is not only a testament to sustainable development but also a harbinger of a new era in workspace design and functionality. In this blog, we will explore how Cybercity Chennai is shaping the future of work by embracing clean energy, fostering collaboration, and championing a holistic approach to work-life balance.

The Evolution of Workspace: A Sustainable Revolution

Before delving into the specifics of Cybercity Chennai, it's essential to understand the broader context of how workspace design and sustainability are evolving in the 21st century.

In the past, offices were often regarded as energy-consuming behemoths with little regard for their environmental impact. However, as concerns about climate change intensified, there was a growing recognition that businesses must take responsibility for their carbon footprint. This realization led to the emergence of sustainable architecture and green building practices.

Today, companies are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their ecological footprint, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by embracing renewable energy sources. Renewable energy, derived from sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power, is not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable in the long run. The shift towards renewable energy in the workspace is a critical step towards a more sustainable future.

Cybercity Chennai: A Beacon of Sustainability

Located in the vibrant city of Chennai, India, Cybercity Chennai stands as a shining example of sustainable development in the corporate world. Developed by DLF, one of India's most reputed real estate developers, this cutting-edge office complex is a testament to the company's commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation in workspace design.

100% Renewable Energy: At the heart of Cybercity Chennai's sustainability is its commitment to 100% renewable energy. The entire complex is powered by clean energy sources, primarily solar panels and wind turbines. This means that every computer, every light bulb, and every coffee machine in the complex runs on electricity generated without releasing harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of the office but also demonstrates the feasibility of relying entirely on renewable energy sources.

Energy Efficiency: Cybercity Chennai doesn't stop at merely sourcing renewable energy; it also prioritizes energy efficiency. The entire complex is equipped with state-of-the-art energy management systems that optimize energy use, lighting, and climate control. Smart sensors adjust lighting levels based on natural light availability, and advanced HVAC systems maintain comfortable temperatures while minimizing energy consumption.

Green Building Design: The architectural design of Cybercity Chennai incorporates various green building principles. The complex maximizes natural lighting, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. It also features green roofs and vertical gardens, providing not only aesthetic appeal but also natural insulation, further reducing energy requirements.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Cybercity Chennai is a workspace designed to foster collaboration and innovation. It recognizes that the future of work is not just about efficient energy use but also about nurturing a dynamic, engaging, and creative work environment.

Open Office Spaces: The office spaces in Cybercity Chennai are designed as open and flexible environments. This design encourages communication and collaboration among employees, breaking down traditional silos and fostering a culture of innovation. The open layout also allows for easy reconfiguration to adapt to changing needs, ensuring that the workspace remains adaptable to evolving business requirements.

Collaboration Zones: In addition to open workspaces, Cybercity Chennai features dedicated collaboration zones. These areas are equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing teams to conduct virtual meetings, brainstorm ideas, and work on projects together seamlessly, whether they're in the same building or across the globe.

Wellness and Recreational Spaces: The developers at DLF understand that a healthy and happy workforce is a more productive one. Cybercity Chennai offers a range of wellness and recreational facilities, including fitness centres, yoga studios, and even meditation rooms. These spaces promote physical and mental well-being, helping employees strike a balance between work and personal life.

Embracing a Holistic Approach to Work-Life Balance

Cybercity Chennai goes beyond the conventional concept of an office. It recognises that the future of work is about integrating work seamlessly into life, rather than keeping them separate entities.The complex offers flexible work options, including remote work opportunities. Employees can choose where they work based on their needs, allowing them to balance work and personal life more effectively. This approach acknowledges that productivity isn't solely tied to a physical office space.

Cybercity Chennai provides facilities for employees with families, such as childcare centres and family-friendly recreational areas. This ensures that parents can focus on their work with the peace of mind that their children are well-cared for nearby.

The sustainable ethos of Cybercity Chennai extends beyond the office. The complex is surrounded by green spaces, including parks and gardens, where employees can connect with nature during breaks. This emphasis on the natural environment enhances the overall work experience.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Work

Cybercity Chennai, powered by 100% renewable energy and developed by DLF, represents a paradigm shift in how we conceive and construct office spaces. It's a testament to the fact that sustainable practices and innovative design can coexist, offering a glimpse into the future of work.

As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change and the evolving demands of the modern workforce, initiatives like Cybercity Chennai demonstrate that businesses can be at the forefront of positive change. This innovative workspace not only reduces its carbon footprint but also fosters collaboration, innovation, and a holistic approach to work-life balance.

In the grand tapestry of the future of work, Cybercity Chennai is a vibrant thread, weaving together sustainability, productivity, and well-being. It's a beacon of hope that points the way forward, inspiring other companies to follow suit and create a future where workspaces are not just functional but also regenerative, inclusive, and harmonious with the environment.

Exploring the Benefits of 100% Renewable Energy-Powered Work Environments

Exploring the Benefits of 100% Renewable Energy-Powered Work Environments

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly concerned with environmental sustainability. Commercial developments have long been perceived as huge energy consumers thus, how we power our workspaces has become a focal point of change. As one of the pioneering real estate developers in the nation, DLF Offices has set an inspiring example by transitioning to 100% renewable energy at the marquee property DLF Cyber City Hyderabad. The campus is an example of a sustainable workplace which also offers a myriad of top-of-the-line amenities.

The Rise of Renewable Energy

The pursuit of an eco-friendly future needs reliable renewable energy for our everyday activities. It has an undeniable advantage over conventional energy sources, as it is not dependent on a depleting or finite source and does not produce harmful pollutants as a byproduct. With growing concerns about climate change and diminishing natural resources, transitioning to renewable energy sources is an imperative step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Owing to India's commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate action, DLF Offices has been at the forefront of embracing the vision of sustainability by transitioning its functioning to solely rely on 100% renewable energy. DLF Cyber City Hyderabad is a leading example of our commitment towards bringing about a positive change. This eco-friendly initiative has multifaceted benefits like reduced carbon footprint, long-term cost efficiency, and energy independence.

DLF Cyber City Hyderabad: The Beacon of Sustainability

As the national symbol of corporate sustainability, DLF Cyber City Hyderabad is an exemplary model of eco-friendly working and best-in-class amenities. The commercial space's design is the perfect amalgamation of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability. The campus comprises three office blocks of approximately 3 million sq. ft and an expansive parking area, a sports hub, a creche, and a recreational hub that also offers a wide range of cuisines from all around the globe. DLF Cyber City Hyderabad is also well-equipped with the latest safety measures, such as a fully functional management and disaster room along with the benchmark air filtration apparatus MERV-14, making it one of the safest places to work.

Our efforts have been widely recognised and hugely appreciated with numerous accolades such as the LEED certification, and DLF Cyber City Hyderabad's campus also aligns with several of the United Nations SDGs, including Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and Goal 13 (Climate Action).

Pioneering a Sustainable Future

DLF Cyber City Hyderabad's operation on 100% renewable energy-powered operations signifies more than just an eco-conscious initiative. It embodies a commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. In a world where environmental concerns are paramount, the adoption of renewable energy in workspaces is not merely a trend but a responsibility.

By embracing renewable energy and sustainable practices, DLF Cyber City Hyderabad is not only investing in its own future but also in a greener and more sustainable world, where corporate parks harmonise with nature, promoting both productivity and environmental stewardship. DLF Cyber City Hyderabad paves the way for other organisations to shift towards sustainable and responsible business practices.

DLF's Vision: Transforming Workspaces into Lifestyle Hubs

DLF's Vision: Transforming Workspaces into Lifestyle Hubs

The pandemic saw remote work culture become normative and begin to change the way people worked. DLF Offices has always set standards in the real estate industry and the commercial real estate sector is no different. We thus embarked on a mission to reshape the way Indians work to enhance productivity and increase the social and commercial impact of workplaces. With our state-of-the-art office spaces, we aim to change the way India works. Our office spaces have holistic amenities making them more than just a place to work, but rather a place where you bond with your colleagues, play, party, and celebrate life to the fullest. We empower you to make your workplace more than just a cubicle and a meeting room, we make sure that you call your office a home away from home.

Changing the Landscape of Workplaces

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the norm of workplaces. Remote work became the new normal, and employees found themselves trading office cubicles for home office setups. While remote work offered flexibility, it also came with its own novel challenges. Isolation blurred work-life boundaries, and the absence of face-to-face interactions began taking a toll on mental health and productivity. We at DLF recognised these hurdles and took it upon ourselves to create office spaces that encouraged employees to transition towards working from the office while promoting a good work-life balance with state-of-the-art amenities within our workplaces.

How DLF offices is harbouring the future of workplaces beginning with Chennai

The historic city of Chennai was one of the first few that embraced the IT wave in India. Chennai and DLF have been partners in growth for more than a decade, and together they have made the city the epicentre of the IT industry. DLF's office spaces are not just the typical office spaces for rent. We create vibrant and holistic ecosystems that are specifically designed to improve the overall workplace experience while enhancing employee productivity and promoting an ideal work-life balance. These factors have helped DLF be at the helm of the return to office trend which has seen 95% of the population opt for working from their offices.

Here are some key factors that have helped us usher in this change.

  1. Amenities beyond work :
  2. The world-class amenities that DLF offices provide are the discerning factor and what sets us apart from the rest. Our holistic office spaces cater to every need and demand of the employee and empower them to increase their productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance. DLF office spaces offer employees something entirely novel, we offer employees a place where they work and indulge in recreational activities, like sports, yoga, and socialisation, and enjoy a wide range of delectable cuisines. These factors make employees engage and interact with each other beyond their professional spheres and extend to calling each other family rather than just colleagues and call their workplace a home away from home rather than just an office.

  3. Community and Networking:
  4. We at DLF value the importance of human connection and understand its relationship with employee productivity. We have thus designed our office spaces in such a way that they foster a sense of community and simultaneously provide opportunities for networking and professional growth. Regularly scheduled events, workshops, and networking sessions bring people together and create a sense of togetherness. Such initiatives that foster interaction have proven to be beneficial for overall employee productivity and growth as per the "Reimagining Work: New Imperatives for the Next Normal" report by Deloitte.

  5. Looking out for our employees
  6. DLF Offices crucially emphasises employee well-being and we have thus taken numerous steps in that direction. With the installation of a world-class MERV-14 air filtres, 24x7 medical centre with an ambulance facility, an exclusive fire station equipped with a 60-metre high Bronto skylift and a dedicated fire-fighting team. We have always been known to go the extra mile and in order to live up to our reputation, DLF Offices spaces also have a day-care centre which allows parents to work in peace being assured that their children are within close proximity and are well taken care of. These measures prove DLF's commitment to making workplaces safer for their employees as per the study done by The Conference Board about the re-opening of workplaces, which talks about the least looked after aspects being providing childcare measures for workers and implementing safety measures.

DLF's unique manner of developing top-notch office spaces is more than just a reaction to the unfortunate effects of the pandemic. It is a blueprint that sets the standard for the manner in which India works. We are setting the norm for cutting-edge working environments establishing vivid workplaces that encourage a sense of togetherness and well-being while fostering work-life balance and enhancing employee productivity. DLF's approach is a testament to our dedication to the well-being and success of our tenants. It's not just about the office. It's about fostering a sense of belonging, growth, and opportunity. Our novel approach is a demonstration of our commitment towards the employees.

DLF Cybercity Hyderabad: Pioneering Sustainable and Decarbonized Office Spaces for a Greener Future

India pioneering real estate developer, DLF has played a key role in transforming the urban landscape of the country. In a little over seven decades, the realty pioneer has successfully capitulated itself as a key growth partner of the country, with an iconic portfolio of over 31.25 million sq. ft across a diverse range of verticals. The secret behind this success is the realty giant commitment to continuous improvement that underpins all its operations. However, what sets DLF Offices apart is their vision to ensure operational excellence in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.

While India climb to success has indeed been bolstered by the development of the built environment, it is also important to recognise the impact it has had on the environment. According to the latest industry reports, the built environment ecosystem is responsible for about a quarter of the world greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In light of this, the realty maven cognisant of their responsibility towards society, has upended this challenge into an opportunity to create a tangible, positive change in the ecosystem we thrive in.

DLF Cybercity Hyderabad is a great example of this endeavour by DLF. Located in the IT corridor of Gachibowli, the multi-block integrated commercial office space has had sustainability at the crux of its design, construction, and management processes. Whether it is a Fortune 500 company on the hunt for their ideal office space, or a unicorn company, when you work here you are assured to meet your sustainability commitments. This blog will delve into how this workspace, with its energy-efficient utilisation of resources and ecologically conscious design, has successfully laid out a decarbonisation blueprint for the rest of the commercial assets to follow.

Here are a few ways in which DLF has incorporated sustainability in the office spaces in DLF Cybercity Hyderabad:

Greenspaces: A unique intersection of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability

While the growth trajectory of India in the last century has indeed been impressive, it has resulted in large-scale migration to urban areas, with the urban population estimated to reach 675 million by 2035. This has levied surmounting pressure on the limited resources in the area and also resulted in wide-scale deforestation, which has led to disastrous environmental consequences. From rising pollution levels to the emission of greenhouse gases to the heat island effect, the effect has been dire for the environment and humans alike.

Recognising the importance of a healthy and sustainable environment to attain community development, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad has been designed with plenty of green and open spaces interspersed throughout the 26 acres development. This not only leads to the nourishment of the development existing character, and improved environmental protection but has also promoted outdoor recreational spaces and active lifestyles. Committed to preserving the biodiversity of the operation site, DLF Offices has followed a rigorous policy of mitigation hierarchy, wherein numerous trees were planted in the public area around their Hyderabad asset. We have also partnered with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation for maintaining green corridors in the City of Nawabs, by spearheading plantation drives.

However, our dedication to ensuring that our workforce works in the healthiest environment possible is not limited to this. To ensure that our workers can benefit from the rejuvenating effects of nature, our office development has been constructed in close vicinity to Hyderabad's verdant Biodiversity Park.

Water management: Not a drop wasted

Acutely aware of the ongoing water scarcity crisis in the world, at DLF Offices we have envisioned reducing water intensity in our rental assets by 10% by 2025, using

FY 2019-20 as the baseline. In line with this vision, we have successfully developed a rental portfolio wherein 100% of our sites, including DLF Cybercity Hyderabad, are LEED Zero Water certified. With stringent adherence to the 4Rs principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover), we have committed to effectively managing the water quality and utilisation throughout the lifecycle of this development, ensuring a potable water utilisation of net zero for over four years. Our enedeavours have resulted in significantly bringing down the water intensity in our office space.

Energy Efficiency: Revolutionising real estate with green solutions

With 90 billion natural resources being exhausted every year, and the figures expected to rise twofold by 2050, the importance of adopting energy-efficient practices and resources in our built environment has never been more urgent. As one of the leading real estate companies in the country, we have assumed the responsibility of committing to reduce energy intensity across our rental portfolio by 15% by 2030. To attain the collective objective of energy security and environmental protection, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad has adopted an array of practices to reduce our dependence on exhaustible resources, with the project being 100% green energy powered. We have installed solar panels, which are not only dependent on inexhaustible solar energy but are also efficient regarding water consumption and cost while releasing negligible greenhouse gases. We have also designed our office buildings with a grand atrium, which ensures plenty of natural light filters in, further leading to a reduction of dependence upon artificial lighting.

Sustainability efforts recognised: DLF Cybercity Hyderabad awarded LEED Zero Waste

Over the last seven decades, we have earned the recognition of being industry front runners. Our initiatives to inculcate sustainable practices throughout the lifecycle of DLF Cybercity Hyderabad have led us to receive numerous awards and recognitions. For showcasing our commitment to sustainable business, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad has been bestowed with the prestigious LEED Platinum Certificate by USGBC, the most widely used and recognised green building rating system in the world. Further, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad is also the first development in India to be awarded LEED Zero Waste Certification.

LEED Zero Waste certification signifies buildings or developments that have achieved exceptional waste management practices and have successfully diverted a significant amount of waste from landfill. To obtain the LEED Zero Waste Certification, a building or development must demonstrate that it has achieved at least 90% diversion of on-site generated waste from landfills through strategies such as recycling, composting, and reuse. The certification acknowledges the efforts made by the project to minimize waste generation and promote sustainable waste management practices.

By receiving the LEED Zero Waste Certification, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad has demonstrated its commitment to effectively managing waste and contributing to a circular economy by reducing landfill waste and maximizing recycling and reuse. It signifies that the development has implemented robust waste management systems and practices, aligning with the highest sustainability standards in the industry.

Final thoughts:

DLF Cybercity Hyderabad stands as a shining example of DLF's commitment to sustainable development and decarbonisation in the commercial real estate sector. With a clear understanding of the environmental impact of the built environment, DLF has taken up the challenge as an opportunity to create positive change. By incorporating sustainability measures in the design, construction, and management of DLF Cybercity Hyderabad, DLF Offices has set a decarbonisation blueprint for other commercial assets to follow.

DLF Cybercity Hyderabad: India's First Workplace to Achieve USGBC LEED Zero Waste Certification

In today's fast-paced world, as we witness the undeniable progress and growth in various industries, one pressing concern that demands our immediate attention is the management of waste. Fortunately, over the last decade, many experts from diverse fields have come forward to introduce an ingenious solution for the management of this waste in a manner that is not only not hazardous to the environment, but rather proactively benefits it. This is called sustainable waste management, which is essentially a strategy of collecting, transporting, or disposing of waste in a manner that reduces the net amount of resources used, reusing material as much as possible, and creating minimal waste.

Amid the myriad sectors that shape the world we live in, the real estate industry plays a crucial role, but it also has a significant impact on the environment. As urbanisation and construction projects continue to grow, so does the generation of construction and demolition waste. With approximately half of the resources extracted going into the built environment and one-third of the waste generated by the construction industry, it is no wonder that the real estate industry is facing increasing pressure to adopt sustainable waste management strategies.

DLF Cybercity Hyderabad: Pioneering Sustainable Waste Management

The pursuit of sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives is becoming increasingly vital in today's world. The DLF Cybercity Hyderabad, for instance, has established a unique precedent by being the nation's first workplace awarded the US Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED Zero Waste Certification. This honour emphasises DLF Cybercity's dedication to waste minimization, environmental preservation, and ethical business practises.

Located in the heart of the City of Pearls business district, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad is a sprawling office space that is available for lease and currently houses a diverse range of multinational companies and organisations. Well-known for its contemporary design, cutting-edge infrastructure, and, as of late, dedication to sustainability, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad is now at the forefront of India's green building revolution thanks to its achievement of the USGBC LEED Zero Waste Certification.

DLF Cybercity's journey towards achieving USGBC LEED Zero Waste Certification involved a comprehensive and collaborative effort involving various stakeholders, including building management, tenants, and waste management partners.

However, before diving into the intricacies of the impact this certification has had on the real estate industry, let us first briefly understand what USGBC LEED Zero Waste Certification entails.

The USGBC LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Zero Waste Certification is a globally recognised standard for measuring and recognising outstanding efforts in waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. The certification signifies that a building or workplace has diverted at least 90% of its waste from landfills, incineration, or the environment. By attaining this certification, DLF Cybercity has demonstrated its dedication to environmental responsibility and resource efficiency.

Impact on the Future of Sustainable Workplaces

The achievement of USGBC LEED Zero Waste Certification by DLF Cybercity has set a precedent for other commercial complexes, businesses, and organisations across India. It sends a powerful message that sustainable practices are achievable and economically viable. Some of the potential impacts on the future of sustainable workplaces include:

  • Inspiration for Others:

As the largest publicly listed real estate company in India, DLF recognises the responsibility it has towards delivering a built environment ecosystem that not only exceeds end customer's expectations but is also environmentally responsible. Owing to its stature as a pioneer in the Indian real estate market, DLF Cybercity's success will undoubtedly inspire other companies and organisations to adopt eco-friendly practises and work towards similar certifications, creating a ripple effect for positive change.

  • Green Building Momentum:

According to USGBCs annual report India accounts for 2.8 million gross square meters of green built spaces. LEED Zero Waste Certification, with its innate philosophy being based on the principle of the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), catalyses the green building movement in India. It reinforces the importance of eco-friendly design, construction, and operations, leading to increased adoption of green building standards across the country.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility:

The business world is becoming more environmentally and socially responsible, in part due to growing stakeholders' expectations. This is evident in a report published by Aflac stating that 73% of investors actively look for businesses that are environmentally and socially responsible. Further, the same report highlights how 77% of consumers are more likely to use brands committed to making the world a better place. This has led to organisations now recognising that sustainability is not just a moral responsibility but also a key component of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. By investing in green practises, companies can enhance their reputation and build a positive brand image.

  • Environmental Conservation:

Global net emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from human activity must decrease by around 45 percent from 2010 levels by 2030 and must approach net zero around 2050 to avoid the worst climatic effects, according to the international consensus of scientists. With the built environment generating 40% of annual global CO2 emissions, real estate companies must play their part if we are to meet the net zero goal.

Sustainable waste management can play an integral role in minimising our global footprint, as it means reducing the utilisation of new resources, which in turn reduces fossil fuel-intensive activities and leaves more of the limited resources for future generations. With DLF Cybercity leading the way, a considerable reduction in landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions can be expected. This contributes to broader environmental conservation efforts and mitigates the impact of climate change.

Final Thoughts

DLF Cybercity Hyderabad USGBC LEED Zero Waste Certification achievement is a momentous milestone in India's sustainable development journey. By demonstrating leadership in waste reduction and resource efficiency, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad has set a remarkable example for other workplaces to follow. As more companies and organisations adopt eco-friendly practices, we move closer to a greener and more sustainable future, fostering a healthier planet for future generations.

DLF Tech Park, Noida: The Future is Here

DLF Offices: Harbinger of Change

In today's world, for a corporation to succeed, it is pivotal for its success to foster an environment that promotes innovation, performance, and work-life balance. DLF Offices have been reshaping the sector by acting as the driving force behind this transformation of the IT office paradigm in India. Our vision of providing innovative solutions to satisfy the rapidly evolving needs of the modern workforce has led to the curation of immaculate plexes of high-performance office ecosystems. Today we operate on the modus operandi of integrating world-class safety and security, sustainability, design, customer experience, and technology into the final product.

We have spent the last half of the century endeavouring to provide the Indian metropolitans with state-of-the-art workspace ecosystems which provide innovative solutions ahead of their time. We have worked hand-in-hand with our patrons, which include many Tech Giants and Fortune 500 companies, to collectively christen India as a  global Business and Technology hub.

DLF Tech Park, Noida:

In the 40-odd years since its inception, Noida has come a long way in its evolution as an urban agglomeration. The city has undergone a massive transformation with wide roads, arterial highways, and gleaming buildings. The city is fast emerging as a hotspot for tech giants and promising small enterprises alike.  In the last four years, the city, following the vision of 'Digital India' and other progressive IT policies, has become home to innumerable IT industry behemoths. Furthermore, the government's vision of the importance of Data Centres to India's digital ecosystem and the consequent mandate, for companies to store data of Indian citizens locally, has led many multinational giants to acquire land in the city to open data centres.

With the addition of DLF Tech Park to our burgeoning portfolio, we are set to revolutionise the workspace ecosystem in Noida. At DLF, we foster a future-centric approach by anticipating the needs and wants of tomorrow.  Spread over an area of 25 acres with a 4 million square feet build potential, DLF Tech Park is a RERA registered project which is strategically located at a close distance to the Noida Expressway and the Metro line.

A Sustainable Workspace:

We at DLF understand the responsibility the business world has towards the community in establishing a thriving business while utilising sustainable strategies. DLF Tech Park, Noida has been planned to be LEED Platinum by the US Green Building Council, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. At DLF Tech Park, Noida we are employing numerous energy-efficient strategies such as the installation of the Integrated Business Management System (IBMS). The system integrates different technologies and harmonises processes in a manner that leads to ease in monitoring, controlling, and optimising energy usage and transmission. This transformation of processes by driving automation and operational efficiency in industries will lead to a significant reduction in the workplace's carbon footprint.

A Safe Workspace:

The safety of the workforce has always been essential to the design of DLF Offices. The DLF Tech Park, Noida office exemplifies this, with the installation of the MERV-14 air filtration system in all the phases. This system purifies up to 98% of contaminants in the air, including SARS-COV, thus providing our patron's workforce with clean air at all times.  Further, the workspace is built following Seismic Zone-5 guidelines making it an earthquake-resistant structure.

An Accessible Workspace:

DLF Tech Park, Noida is strategically located on the Noida Expressway, in sector 143. It has seamless connectivity with the major commercial and residential hubs of Delhi-NCR. The Sector 143 Metro Station on the Aqua line is only 700 metres away from the multiblock integrated campus of Tech Park.  It has many renowned hotels and malls in its vicinity, with DLF Mall of India, one of the largest mall in the country, being 10 minutes from the complex.  The location of DLF Tech Park, Noida ensures a hassle-free commute for the workforce, with the proximity to various recreational hubs also promoting work-life balance.

A Holistic Workspace:

At DLF Offices, we believe high performance at work is concomitant with a progressive environment that stimulates it. Therefore, we have built world-class offices in line with international standards, which inspires a free flow of ideas and productivity. Atriums and lobbies have been designed with minute attention paid to the wider human sense of aesthetics, DLF Tech Park, Noida is indeed the hallmark for the offices of the future.  The increased floor-to-floor height and box shape of the floor leads to plenty of natural light penetration, exemplifying how a building structure lends itself to enrich the work environment.

Final Thoughts:

DLF Offices foresaw the changing winds of the modern workplace. The modern employee has avant-garde needs that are only met through a futuristic workspace. DLF Tech Park, Noida is an initiative to provide an enabling environment for the future of work in Noida, built to foster collaborative endeavours.

Enabling the Great Return with a People-centric Approach


The past two years have been one of transition back to working to office spaces. However, what constitutes an optimally functioning, high-performance-oriented work environment today is vastly different from the pre-pandemic conventional office space. The modern workforce is extensively inclined towards integrated, community-oriented office spaces which are receptive to their evolving needs. The triumph of the Great Return to Work is therefore tangential to the provision of a workspace ecosystem that champions employee wellness, safety, and satisfaction.

This has presented a substantial challenge to corporate real estate developers globally, who are still struggling to apprehend the far-reaching consequences of the changing workspace paradigm. In stark contrast, at DLF Offices with our future-oriented approach to workspaces, we have already met these requirements with ease.

We believe that offices should function as a social microcosm, not only viewed as a place to work but as a safe space where creative minds can come together to interact and form communities. Additionally, we are cognizant of the fact that employee productivity is at its peak when the workforce is provided with people-centric social zones.  Therefore, at DLF Offices we are committed to providing the future of work with a secure environment that facilitates communication, collaboration and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

The Future Desires Community:

The isolation of working from home stripped the workforce of meaningful human interaction. Humans are inherently social beings and they thrive in workspaces designed to foster genuine and tangible communication. The future of work wants to be associated with organisations that have a sociable workspace. These spaces provide a platform for fortuitous and spontaneous ideation thereby leading to a higher level of employee satisfaction and productivity.

At DLF, we recognize that the modern workforce aspires to be in an agile workspace that facilitates connection, communication, and collaboration. Therefore, social integration is crucial to our office designs. Our goal is to provide our employees with a workspace that inculcates in them a sense of community working towards a unified goal.

Our offices are replete with open and breakout spaces which serve as a nexus for organic conversations and a source of respite and movement.

The Future Values Safety:

On the back of the pandemic, the workforce today is more diligent than ever about working in a secure environment. A safe workspace provides a platform for unfettered innovation and creation by the future of work. At DLF, we have, therefore, striven to provide employees with state-of-art safety measures at par with international standards. We have been accorded numerous accreditations for maintaining stringent safety standards. Our robust safety measures have been acknowledged with 18 Swords Of Honour by the British Safety Council for the year 2022. Some of the safety measures we have employed are:

  • We have installed the MERV-14 air filtration system across our corporate real estate portfolio. This system filters up to 90% air contaminants, including SARS-COV2, making our offices safe for re-entry of the workforce post-pandemic. The British Safety Council has provided us with the stamp of the Well Health Safety Rating as well as the COVID-19 Assurance Statement.
  • Our offices have thermal image cameras to detect and mitigate accidental fires. We also have private fire stations in Gurugram and Chennai with skylift and ambulances on standby, with all the necessary equipment to ensure the safety of our occupiers. Additionally, we have a modern fire detection and suppression system with fire smoke detectors and sprinklers.
  • We have a tiered security system and round-the-clock CCTV surveillance across all our offices. Furthermore, all the main access points of our offices are manned by security personnel.
  • All our offices not only comply with but exceed NBC regulations and are built according to Seismic Zone 5 specifications.

The Future Deserves Holistic Workspaces:

As the workforce re-enters corporate offices, it is paramount to recognize how their needs, wants and work ethics have shifted. With over a quarter of their day spent at the office, employees now desire workspaces that are designed to be receptive to their needs. An idyllic office space nurtures a healthy work-life balance for its workforce. This amplifies employee performance and organisational productivity.

We believe the future of work requires progressive, flexible workspaces with numerous recreational avenues which provide them with a comfortable environment to perform at their best. Therefore, at DLF offices our patrons will get a perfect blend of a workspace with the highest technological innovation and office spaces lined with multiple food and beverage avenues, wellness centres, and entertainment zones. Additionally, all the offices are strategically located to be in proximity to major commercial and retail centres.

DLF CyberCity, Gurgaon is a prime example of a holistic workspace curated by DLF Offices. Located in the heart of modern Gurgaon, the Central Business District, is the location of CyberHub and is on the main artery that connects Gurgaon to Delhi, the National Highway 48. CyberHub provides our workforce with innumerous recreation outlets from fine-dining restaurants to pubs and coffee houses, to high-street shopping outlets, to an open-air amphitheatre that hosts everything from concerts to art shows.

Final Thoughts:

The future flourishes in a workspace that pre-eminently values a secure, integrated environment working on the principles of interaction, collaboration, and work-life equilibrium. At DLF Offices we believe the workspace is designed not just for work but to provide a sense of belonging and community to the workforce. Thus, we provide a workspace ecosystem where this vision of an optimal operational workspace is actualized, ensuring a positive, people-centric environ fostering high employee and organisational performance.

How does workplace wellness boost productivity?


A leading study, assessing the relationship between health and the business environment, has revealed that the majority of CXOs credit workplace wellness for employees' higher performance and productivity. The concept of workplace wellness is not limited to just the physical well-being of the workforce. It incorporates a comprehensive set of policies and strategies aiming to create an environment that enhances the overall wellness of employees.

With an average employee spending almost one-third of their waking hours at work, it is imperative that they feel safe, comfortable, and nurtured. It is in such a framework that employee engagement is at its peak. A happy workforce is a prerequisite to a collaborative and innovative workspace.

At DLF offices, we are cognizant that in the contemporary knowledge-based economy, investing in human resources is imperative. Therefore, we are relentless in our efforts to provide top-of-the-line amenities and an unparalleled work experience to clients. Our workspaces function as an integrated network of work and rejuvenation in a secure environment.

Workplace Wellness at Offices:

Employee productivity is the defining factor of an enterprise's success and is proportional to workforce wellness. The future of work requires progressive spaces wherein concentrated effort is made to ascertain their physical and mental well-being. A happy employee is predisposed to actively take up work initiative and be time-efficient, thereby ascertaining better organisational performance.

When workplace wellness forms an integral part of the design of the workspace, there is an invariable increase in talent acquisition and retention, employee morale, and productivity. An optimum working space postulates an integrated system of health promotion facilities and policies formulated to support positive employee health and behaviour. To provide an optimal ambience for the future of work it is paramount to provide the workforce with world-class infrastructure, bespoke leisure amenities, and superior facility management.

Research shows that employees who feel their workplace is safe are more likely to perform better than those who feel unsafe. Therefore, a safe working environment is pertinent to actualising ideal operational conditions. This empowers them to focus on their work, thereby boosting productivity. The modern workforce is the author of our future. Some measures corporates today can employ to endeavour towards the vision of workplace wellness are:

    A tiered security system:

  • The post-pandemic world has marshalled a modern workforce that demands an elevated workspace that has their safety and well-being as the impelling force. Ensuring round-the-clock CCTV surveillance of all the main access points being manned by security personnel at modal office employment of extensive measures to ensure the safety of both the employers and employees is crucial.
  • A toxin-free environment:

  • Concentrated efforts must be made to ensure offices today have the latest air purification system, like the MERV-14 air purifier. This purifies the air of 98% of its contaminants, including SARS-COV2.
  • A water-spraying mechanism can be installed in offices to water trees at regular intervals to reduce pollution.

    Fire Safety:

  • All offices must have well-defined policies and mechanisms to prevent accidental fires. For instance, rapid intervention vehicles manned by trained personnel can be empanelled in proximity to the workspace.
  • A Positive Workspace:

  • The mental well-being of the workforce is significantly conducive to high-calibre performance. Hence, it is exigent to establish a workspace that is flexible, stimulating, and satisfying. Humans are innately social beings and thrive in a community setting. Conventional office spaces which enclose employees in restrained spaces and offer subpar amenities hinder optimal workforce performance. On the contrary, workstations today need to be designed to encourage collaboration and a community approach to work to boost productivity.
  • Integration of work and rejuvenation:

  • Productivity in the workspace is directly proportional to workforce wellness. When the workforce is provided with an array of people-centred spaces, such as food courts, wellness centres, and shopping outlets in proximity to their workspace, it allows them to maintain an optimal work-life balance and prevent unnecessary stress and feeling burnt out.

  • Inculcation of Wellness programmes:

  • Corporations can integrate comprehensive wellness programmes to improve overall employee health behaviours by helping reduce smoking and alcohol use, improving weight management, encouraging healthy eating and exercise, and much more. Further, regular assessments should be carried out to give employees a chance to address concerns related to physical and mental health.
  • Incorporation of Biophilic Design in Offices:

  • Biophilic designs indicate the incorporation of natural elements like vegetation, natural light, open spaces, and natural light into the built environment. Research suggests when biophilic concepts are incorporated into the design of office spaces, there is a significant improvement in the overall wellness of the workforce. These natural elements help in improving ventilation and better air quality. It also is instrumental in reducing the stress level of the workforce.


Workplace wellness plays a key role in the productivity of enterprises. At DLF Offices, we have cultivated an environment that promotes unrestrained innovation and collaboration. We are cognizant of the importance of the workforce's well-being to achieving organisational goals.

Therefore, we have adopted safety and security measures that are at par with international standards. Consequently, our buildings are home to many Fortune 500 companies. We are the first real estate developer in India to have private fire stations equipped with state-of-art rescue equipment. All of our offices have empanelled rapid intervention vehicles and ambulances manned by trained fire and medical personnel, respectively. To provide an optimal ambiance for the future of work, we have invested in world-class infrastructure, bespoke leisure amenities, and superior facility management.

Live, Work, Play: Workspaces As Multifunctional Communities


The contemporary workspace ecosystem is undergoing an overarching structural revolution. The return to the workspace post-pandemic involves establishing a workspace that can serve the employees in multiple manners rather than just being a place of work. The new era of the workforce envisages offices as a highly optimised, safe ecosystem that ensures collaboration, high productivity, and performance.

Not only that, the future of work also envisions the workspace as a framework for social support. With the average employee working over 50 hours a week, the workplace becomes integral to the cultivation of social connections, which is a pre requsite for high productivity.

Employees, today seek out workspaces that are an amalgamation of social, recreational, and commercial institutions. These offices are built and designed in a manner to boost organisational productivity and employee performance, while ensuring an optimal work-life balance.

Why are Multi-functional workspaces important?

The success of a workspace is contingent upon its ability to not only recruit but also retain top talent. The future of work wants to be associated with an organisation that fosters a community approach toa work. Far from the conventional office spaces, they now desire an ecosystem that buoys up a community-approach to work with ultra-modern workspaces. Subsequently, they require office spaces that provide a comfortable and unrestrained environment that bolsters interaction and collaboration. In addition to boosting productivity, this also fulfils the inherent human need for community.

The establishment of workspaces as inherently a 'vertical community' is further concretized by ensuring an optimum blend of work-life balance for the workforce. This community is lined with social zones such as wellness centres, entertainment zones, restaurants/cafes, and paramedical facilities. With the growing traffic in the metropolitan commercial hubs, the provision of these amenities close to the office allows for ease of accessibility for employees. Therefore, the contemporary multifunctional office spaces provide a holistic work-life-play atmosphere craved by the modern workforce.

With these multifunctional office spaces gaining momentum in the past five years, they have demonstrated to have a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities they're centred in. In addition to attracting and retaining the workforce, these spaces also serve to bolster the local economy by revitalising communities and encouraging private investment.

DLF Offices: A Multifunctional Community

At DLF, we have striven to design a progressive workspace ecosystem that facilitates collaboration and innovation. We have been relentless in our efforts to create office spaces that are receptive to the paradigm shift in the culture, needs, and ethics of our workforce. We recognise that the future of work requires a modern environment wherein they can develop a healthy work-life equilibrium. Therefore, we have developed office campuses with top-of-the-class recreational facilities, including but not limited to a gymnasium, restaurants, cafes, and medical centres.

Our biophilic designs with sunlight-lit rooms and open spaces serve to re-energize the workforce, boost productivity, and improve their overall well-being. All our offices are equipped with a multiple-tiered security system, thereby ensuring a safe environment for fortuitous interaction by the workforce.

Final Thoughts

Employees today choose where they work based on numerous experiential conditions. Therefore, workspace ecosystem today must not only facilitate innovation but also support overall well-being by reducing stress and anticipating needs of the modern employees. They desire workspaces designed in a manner that provides them with a sense of community and maintains a work-life balance. This environment has led to an acceleration in the demand for multifunctional office spaces. At DLF Offices we successfully foresaw and fulfilled this demand for avant-garde office spaces functioning as an intersection of work, life, and play.

DLF Benchmarks in Delivering Safety In Their Future-Ready Office

The workforce of today is the driving force behind futuristic enterprises. They need a workspace that recognises their need for an environment that provides flexibility to match their rapidly changing style of working. At DLF, we foresaw this need for productive workspaces that would make India the vanguard of technological and business innovation.

Spread across 7 cities, DLF has replaced the conventional office space with one that is future-centric. Now, the workplace ecosystem revolves around creating an environment that enables the free interplay of creative innovation. It is this vision which has led to the creation of a holistic workspace that has set a benchmark in sustainability, safety, customer experience, design, and technology.

We have always been preemptive when it comes to the safety of our staff. It is this foresight that has led to the development of innovative technology and the filing of 5 safety patents, to become the first real estate company in India to invest its resources in such objectives. We have designed our spaces to be congruous with international safety guidelines to ensure that the future flourishes with us.

DLF Offices: Blueprint for a safe workplace

  • Multi-tiered Security System:
  • All DLF workspaces have a multi-tiered security system with state police personnel manning main access points in DLF Cyber City, Gurugram.
  • There is round-the-clock CCTV surveillance with a dedicated control room to ensure a safe working environment at par with international standards.
  • Baggage screening checkpoints at the building entry across all towers are also part of the security apparatus at DLF Offices

Fire Safety Measures:

  • There are thermal image cameras installed in all DLF workspaces to detect any fire-related issues.
  • In addition to this, we also have a fire suppression system with sprinklers and smoke detectors. We conduct regular fire drills and safety training programmes for all of our clients and employees, in addition to periodically administering in-house and external safety audits to ensure strict compliance with safety regulations.
  • Reputed hospitals are empanelled, across buildings,  with fully equipped ambulances stationed with trained paramedics for any medical eventuality.
  • The Cyber City clusters in Gurugram and Chennai offices have strategically located fire stations operated by DLF. Both are equipped with a 90-metre-high hydraulic Bronto skylift that can reach up to 30 floors.
  • A Covid-Free Zone:

  • All DLF Offices are equipped with a MERV-14 air filtration system. This is a state-of-the-art air purification system that successfully eliminates up to 98% of harmful pollutants, including SARS-CoV2, in the indoor working space.
  • The HVACs at our offices change air twice per hour ensuring that all our patrons breathe fresh air at all times.
  • In addition to this, all of our staff and facility partners have been vaccinated. The British Safety Council has acknowledged these measures by bestowing us with a 'Covid-19 Assurance Statement'.
  • Structural Endurance:

  • All our offices are structurally built according to seismic zone 5 specifications. This ensures that even in the eventuality of a strong earthquake, our occupants remain unharmed.
  • There are Disaster Management and Disaster Recovery Plan centres adjoining every office complex, containing various equipment to effectively mitigate and de-escalate any disasters.

Conclusion :

At DLF, we have transformed the way workspaces look and function; breaking away from the conventional mould and creating an entirely new generation of holistic workplace ecosystems. We truly believe that the real estate ecosystem created by DLF has played its part in successfully propelling India as a world leader in technological and business. We have been accorded numerous accreditations such as 18 Swords of Honour from the British Safety Council, which reaffirms our status as a global leader in occupational health and safety. We have also been accorded the WELL Health-Safety seal, which recognizes that the best safety practices have been adopted and third-party verified. The future not only works at DLF workspaces but thrives.

Roadmap To Sustainable Office Spaces

India in The UN Climate Change Conference 2021 stated its bid to become a net-zero carbon economy by 2070. With the built environment being responsible for over 40% of global greenhouse emissions, the reduction of carbon emissions by the real estate sector was one of the focal points of this summit. Furthermore, the post-pandemic world has ushered in the ‘Age of Recovery and Revaluation’ with environment conservation being an omnipresent concern of the social consciousness. The modern workforce is therefore inclined toward businesses that are proactively engaged in reducing carbon emissions while providing exceptional opportunities for economic growth.

One way employees today assess companies' endeavour towards employing green practices is with a renowned Sustainability Certification. U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification is the most distinguished in India and globally, with over 80% Green, Grade A buildings utilising it. With the future of work’s evolving propensity for environmentally responsible workspaces, there is momentum among asset owners and investors alike, towards a new, future-proof workplace. The business owners are now holding themselves accountable, as their success is contingent on them fulfilling their sustainability responsibilities.

The built environment is innately material and operation intensive, with over 30% of its carbon emission being the collateral of raw material procurement and construction process. It is therefore imperative to adopt sustainable practices throughout the building life cycle, right from the pre-construction stage to the actual operation of the building. From adopting energy-efficient mechanisms to water conservation systems to responsible resource procurement, businesses today are engaged in affirmative action to mitigate climate change.

Following are some measures businesses can implement on their journey to actualizing India’s vision of a net zero carbon economy:

Energy-Efficient Practices:

Green buildings make use of renewable resources like solar energy which allay the detrimental brunt of traditional energy sources that release toxic greenhouse gases. Employing energy-efficient practices is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions. Further, the utilisation of ecologically sound energy sources allows for lower pollution levels and cleaner air for all.

Water Conservation:

Home to 17% of the world’s population, India possesses a meagre 4% of the global freshwater stock. With the rapid urbanisation steered in by the perpetually expanding built environment, there is increasing pressure on the limited portable water sources. Further, water bodies are rife with industrial waste, and toxic metals, with waterbeds depleting at an alarming level. Consequently, modern employees are seeking organisations that are employing numerous water conservation mechanisms such as rainwater harvesting as well as water treatment plants.

Biophilic Infrastructure:

An important component of the WELL Business standard rating, Biophilia is the integration of natural elements such as green spaces, trees, plants, sunlight, etc in the design of workspace infrastructure. Biophilic elements benefit the workforce, the employers, and the environment in myriad ways. These elements not only assist in rejuvenating the workforce by their sheer aesthetic presence but also work to regulate blood pressure and stress level. In addition to providing enhanced air quality to the workforce, including these elements minimise the heat island effect thereby reducing power consumption.

DLF Offices: A Blueprint for sustainable workspace:

Embellishing India’s skyline since 1946, we at DLF are aware of our responsibility to propel India on its journey toward sustainability. Further, we recognize that for the future of work, it is imperative to continuously innovate to forge green, intelligent, and energy-efficient workspaces. With over 40 mn sq. ft. of our portfolio being LEED-Platinum certified, we are committed to operational excellence while pursuing growth that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

Our sustainability practices commence right from the design stage in a building’s life cycle. All our offices are equipped with water conservation and greywater treatment mechanisms. We are also committed to reducing the dependence on conventional sources of energy. We have installed solar panels at all DLF offices whose carbon emission is negligible, and the wattage is being increased year on year.

At DLF Offices, we provide the modern workforce with a holistic ecosystem wherein they get ultra-modern, flexible office spaces to collaborate and innovate with the best minds, without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

DLF Downtown: The Future-Proof Workspace

Far from the bygone times when real estate was analogous to an economic commodity, contemporary society acknowledges it as a service that can bring affirmative experiential change on individual and social levels alike. Specifically, in the commercial sector, the occupiers' evolving demands have augmented 'the aspirational' to the unalienable 'must-haves'.

The workforce today is inclined towards businesses that are not only aware of their social responsibility but are proactively working towards creating this holistic working ecosystem.
The sterile, fluorescent-lit workspaces, with enclosed cubicles, are fast becoming obsolete in today's evolving workforce-driven market dynamic. Instead, in the post-pandemic world, workers crave flexible workspaces which cultivate spontaneous communication and collaboration, fulfilling the innate human need for community. Not only that, but such community-driven workspaces also become a nexus for higher employee performance and technological innovation.

Further, with the entire world and India on a mission to actualize a net-zero carbon emission economy, real estate developers today are focused on creating responsible assets. The pandemic has only served to accelerate this need to curate environmentally responsible workspace ecosystems. The future of work warrants workspaces that are attuned to their responsibility to the environment. Therefore, companies today are endeavouring to create a technologically innovative, flexible, and environmentally responsible workspace that facilitates a healthy work-life balance.

With over 75 years in the real estate sector, at DLF we foresaw the changing currents of the workforce culture. We recognize that the modern workforce requires an environment that enables a free play of innovation and collaboration. Our latest state-of-the-art development viz., DLF Downtown, Gurugram exemplifies our consistent efforts to provide futuristic office spaces.
At DLF Downtown you will be the recipient of a myriad of benefits that will make your workspace a luxurious experience. We will briefly elaborate on these benefits as follows.

    A New Age Office Space:

  • DLF Downtown introduces you to a modern workspace environment wherein you get to experience well-planned modern spaces with futuristic amenities. The architectural marvel designed by Calliston RTKL manages to capture the essence of what the modern workforce is aiming towards. From the state-of-the-art ultra-wide lift lobbies to the high-speed elevators, we at DLF understand that the future of work requires only the best. With the built environment at Downtown conceived to optimise daylight penetration, the workspace has visually stimulating natural sunlight brightening up the space. This. not only enhances the aesthetic quality of the office but also helps to increase employee productivity.
  • An Exclusive Business Address:

  • DLf Downtown is strategically located in India's foremost IT and Business Hub of Gurgaon. Owing to the rapid development of infrastructure and large-scale investments, the city has emerged as one of the meccas of modern Indian IT activity. Today the city is home to leading international and national IT companies, with over 250 Fortune 500 companies gracing its avenues. DLF Downtown is located right on the Delhi-Japipur Expressway and is one of the most sought-after locations in Gurgaon.
  • It is located on National Highway-48, with a 16-lane signal-free expressway providing a chaos-free entry into the Millenium City. It is in close proximity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport.
  • The business and recreational epicentre of Gurgaon, Cyber Hub is at a also located here and is in close proximity.
  • Commuting to this premium business complex is further made easier due to it being located adjacent to the rapid metro station of Moulsary Avenue.
  • At a distance of barely 1 km, are leading hospitality facilities viz., The Leela, Oberoi, and Trident.
  • India's leading hospitals like Medanta Medicity, Max, and Fortis are also close by.
  • A Holistic Workspace:

  • In a fast-paced, hectic modern working environment, technology has been blurring the boundaries between professional and personal life. This has led to a certain level of compounding work stress. Employees are often faced with a lack of infrastructure for them to cultivate a healthy work-life equilibrium. This not only leads to a decline in employee performance, and increased employee turnover but is massively detrimental to their mental and physical well-being.
  • At DLF, we understand that the workforce performs at the optimal level when there is an adequate framework to facilitate work-life balance. Touted as the next-generation business district, DLF Downtown brings to you a synergistic dynamic of futuristic office spaces merged seamlessly with other amenities. From fine dining avenues to cafes to high street retail stores, here everything has been planned in stages and phases to ensure client wellness.
  • Safe and Sustainable Workspace:

  • At DLF Offices, safety is of paramount importance. We have empanelled round-the-clock security personnel to man the office buildings as well as installed 24*7 CCTV surveillance. Further, the office space has been equipped with a MERV-14 air filtration system to ensure toxic-free air for its occupants.
  • Further, our office is set to be LEED-Platinum certified by the US Green Building Council and is in strict compliance with GRIHA norms. The norms serve as a measure of a building's environmental performance over its lifecycle, with the built environment reporting a 30-50% reduction in energy consumption. From energy-efficient lighting to rainwater harvesting systems to zero discharge centralised sewer treatment plant, Downtown is making a concerted effort to ensure ecological sustainability.

Spread over an area of nearly 11 million sq. ft.,DLF Downtown (to be developed in phases, with the first phase active and operational) is most ambitious verticals. DLF Downtown is a fine symphony of premium office spaces built at par with international standards, replete with a plethora of urban amenities and encircled by robust social infrastructure. The landmark destination is benchmarked to perfection and is destined to be the hub of business and leisure activities in times to come.

DLF Offices: Reimagining Office Trends in 2023

In 2023, we are witnessing a period of transition with the workforce moving back to a new "normal". The success of this new era of work culture is tangent upon the understanding of the shifting work priorities and attitudes of the workforce. The success of the workspace ecosystem is dependent on its ability to facilitate a flexible, high-performance environment, working for and with the needs of its workforce.

At DLF Offices, we are cognizant of the changes in the workforce's personal and professional needs. Here we design workspace ecosystems that make lasting contributions to the community and environment while providing an exceptional experience to our patrons, today and in the future. Our future-centric approach is the catalyst to our cognizance of the changes in the workforce's personal and professional needs. We provide our patrons with secure, sustainably designed, integrated workspaces replete with numerous food and beverage, and leisure amenities. This has resulted in a wave of experiential office spaces by DLF that is a la mode and meets the needs of the modern workforce. Therefore, DLF Offices is setting the benchmark for modern office spaces.

Office Trends in 2023:

The pandemic has led to reverberations in all aspects of life. It has upended the conventional workspace ecosystem. The standardised office spaces with a labyrinth of cubicles enclosing the workforce seem obsolete in the contemporary context. Instead, workplaces that impel collaborative and unfettered creative innovations are au courant corporate ecosystems. The operational workspace needs to provide a secure environment for modern employees while committing to sustainable solutions to achieve this vision. Further, there's a recognition of increased workforce productivity when an optimal work-life balance is maintained.

The credo for DLF Offices is most eloquently captured in a recent news byte given by a senior DLF management representative; "The pandemic has brought about a change in the way people look at office spaces. They are now keen to have experiential offices that provide work environment flexibility."

While the rest of the country is only now struggling to comprehend and keep up with the workforce's modern predisposition, DLF's foresight has led to the creation of modern workspaces well in advance.

An Employee-Centric Work Environment:

According to publicly available research, data in 80% of Fortune 500 companies, employees with optimal work-life balance work 21% harder. Striking this balance leads to a positive work environment with happier, highly-engaged, and productive workers. There is a requirement for office spaces that promote this equilibrium by providing various recreational sources. These spaces provide a much-needed respite to the employees, allowing them to work with an invigorated frame of mind. Offices today need to be equipped with people-driven amenities such as healthcare services, wellness spaces, food courts, and entertainment zones.

The isolation of working from home has led to the recognition of the importance of open, interactive spaces in the workspace for employees. These spaces enhance creativity, interaction, and productivity. The modern workforce is gravitating towards workspaces that foster a community approach to work. It is imperative to the success of the future of work to henceforth design office ecosystems that are replete with provisions to encourage employee interactions. It is in the comfort of break-out spaces and lounges, that organic interaction between employees ensues.

Further, the future needs a comfortable and nurturing environment with ergonomically designed furniture and flexible workstations to realise its potential. The addition of ergonomic workstations designed according to the needs of the workers leads to a reduction in the occurrences of workplace fatigue and injury. Correspondingly, companies today have also been integrating biophilic designs to customise a workspace that incorporates natural elements as an integral part of its ecosystem. Such designs serve to energise the employees and are a huge departure from prescriptive office spaces. Additionally, the inclusion of elements such as plants and natural light in the workspace allows for increased ventilation and better air quality for the future of work.

A Safe and Secure Work Environment:

The highest level of productivity and innovation happens when the workforce is provided with a safe workspace ecosystem. The pandemic has served to reiterate the importance of a secure environment to ensure employee retention and efficacy. The people who are responsible for the future deserve to work in a safe environment. Therefore, world-class safety and security measures need to be employed to ensure this. Modern workplaces need to be equipped with world-class air filtration systems, such as MERV-14, to ensure the provision of clean, fresh air to patrons, staff, and visitors at all points. This system purifies the air of up to 98% contaminants, including SARS-COV, safeguarding the occupants.

Additionally, in 2023, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that policies safeguarding responsible business practices are implemented. Robust safety measures include but are not limited to the inclusion of dedicated fire stations and paramedical facilities, empanelled to keep offices safe, and apprehension-free zones.

A Sustainable Working Space:

The pandemic has made everyone acutely aware of nature's ability to overpower humans. The future of work has discerned that it is only when environmentally sustainable practices are employed, there is a possibility of a progressive future. The employees today are becoming the champions of sustainability. With the challenges of climate change upon us already, employees are now actively seeking a workspace whose values align with the vision of a sustainably developed business.

Companies worldwide are making a conscious effort to employ eco-friendly practices to preserve nature. Workplaces today are striving to continuously innovate to create greener, more intelligent, and more energy-efficient buildings. Consequently, in 2023 we are witnessing office spaces employ numerous mechanisms to conserve natural resources and neutralise their carbon footprint. With the commercial-built environment proving to be a major change factor, water conservation has been on the radar of the environmentally-conscious modern workforce. Businesses are now striving to invest in a water harvesting system to conserve and reuse potable and reclaimed water. There is also a movement towards the reduction of energy consumption by installing energy-efficient lighting and equipment in the workspace.


The office trends in 2023 showcase that our corporate microcosm is at the crux of transition from orthodox office spaces with circumscribed spaces being a thing of the past. The future of work is calling for highly flexible, customer-driven spaces wherein there is an enhancement of work-life balance while subscribing to sustainable and innovative designs. DLF Offices have been a fundamental part of this transformation of the IT office paradigm in India. We have curated immaculate plexes of high-performance office ecosystems which operate on the principle of providing world-class safety and security, sustainability, work-life balance, customer experience, and technology. Our ESG goal is socio-economic progress and sustainable urbanisation of India.
Our Cyber City Gurugram office, with its collaborative open spaces and co-working spaces, is emblematic of this vision to enhance productivity by encouraging invigorating communication. Additionally, its proximity to the famous recreational and shopping complex, Cyber Hub, with its multiple avenues lined with restaurants and bars exemplifies the pertinence of maintaining a work-life balance for DLF.

Transforming corporate events: The Auditorium at DLF Cyber Park

Corporates today require much more than cubicles and desks to make great work happen. They need ecosystems that facilitate productive work, convenience, connections, and work-life. Thus, office spaces are calibrating themselves to provide an environment where recreation and high-performance join forces and promote the most satisfactory work experience.

DLF Cyber Park is a workplace built keeping this vision in mind: to revolutionise the way people work. This IT/ITeS office building is spread across 12 acres, equipped with modern amenities to offer a wholesome working environment to Fortune 500 companies and technology leaders.

Amenities such as creche, F&B offerings, and spacious parking make life at DLF Cyber Park convenient for everyone who works here. In addition, The Auditorium that it houses offers the perfect arena to host collaborations, conversations and celebrations. This corporate event venue integrates seamless design and cutting-edge technology to make every event a success.

The Auditorium

Ideally, corporate event venues must come with thorough planning to leave no stone unturned. From seating arrangement, proper lighting, sophisticated design to provision of latest technology, an auditorium should have all the basic necessities and more. Since auditoriums bring together people and ideas, they have become essential to have in workplaces. The Auditorium at Cyber Park is a product of this philosophy, and DLF's customer-centric planning.

This is a corporate venue where bright minds can gather to brainstorm ideas and discuss their vision through workshops, seminars, conferences, TED Talks and more. This is also a venue where cultural celebrations come to life. Here, businesses can make the most out of their product launches, company news, training programs, or all other business occasions.

It comes with comfortable seating with a capacity of 145 pax. The upholstered armchairs are positioned around the stage and provide utmost comfort while you enjoy events and presentations. The air quality and ventilation are top-notch and promote fresh air throughout. In addition, the lighting is just appropriate to increase concentration and keep the viewers engaged in the event.

Certainly, organising any event requires a great amount of effort in planning. At The Auditorium, you can bypass this hassle. Discover a convenient method of hosting seminars, conferences, and meetings with the necessary amenities in place and a dedicated in-house concierge.

When great messages are conveyed through the right technology, they are bound to make a long-lasting impact on the audience. To ensure that the experience of the audience is memorable, the auditorium is equipped with state-of-the-art AV technology. The pre-function area encourages meaningful exchanges of ideas.

Its location makes The Auditorium easily accessible from around NCR. However, for attendees who can not make it to the venue, the auditorium also provides seamless online connectivity so that they do not miss out on any moment of the events.

The Auditorium has witnessed multiple events, such as Yellowstone International Film Festival. This show celebrated world-class cinema, and DLF Cyber Park was delighted to serve as the venue for it. In addition, the stand-up show hosted here by Gaurav Gupta was also a huge success.

Final thoughts:

In every office we plan, every amenity is curated mindfully, contributing to an ideal working environment and work-life balance. The Auditorium at DLF Cyber Park is our vision of the corporate occasions of the future.

Located right on NH 48, DLF Cyber Park consists of 3 interconnected towers. Its proximity to the metro station and robust road connectivity make it easily accessible to the elite talent pool in Delhi and NCR.

Once inside, you experience a high-performance ecosystem. The MERV-14 filtration technology ensures that the air indoors is pure at all times. Touch-enabled entries and baggage screens help achieve the highest standards of hygiene. Further, DLF ascertains maximum safety and security with a 24x7 ambulance, dedicated fire station and on-board paramedical services.

With DLF Cyber Park, the concept of 9 to 5 takes on a new meaning. Here, you can go beyond the conventional notions of working and explore a multitude of ways to make the most of your time here.

Environmental measures at DLF Cybercity Gurugram

The past few years saw more businesses recalibrating themselves as a step towards reaching sustainability goals. This is being done in the light of environmental changes and greater accountability of businesses towards the world around them. Sustainability strategies demonstrate how businesses can contribute to sustainability standards while thriving at the same time.

At DLF Cybercity Gurgaon, we understand how imperative sustainability goals are and how we can shape the future that shapes us. We know that working hand in glove with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategists to build future-proof infrastructure creates a win-win situation. Owing to our foresighted approach and energy-efficient strategies, over 40 million sq. ft of the DLF Offices portfolio nationwide has won U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED Platinum certification. Additionally, approx. 36.7 million sq. ft of our portfolio has also been awarded the LEED Zero Water certification, deeming us the world leaders in this accreditation. This is a testament to our resolve to create sustainable office spaces in Gurgaon, and India, where nothing goes to waste.

Here are a few ways in which DLF has incorporated sustainability in the office spaces in DLF Cybercity Gurgaon:

  • Green Landscaping: Cybercity provides a serene environment to work in with well-maintained green spaces in and around the office buildings. The landscaping affirms employees that they are closer to nature and thus mitigates stress and creates a calmer surrounding. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, a greener interior decreases the particulate matter in the environment, providing a cleaner micro-climate every time you step into the office.
  • Water treatment and reuse: DLF Cybercity recycles its water by employing effective water management strategies. Our strategies are aimed at using more recycled water than freshwater for maintenance purposes. The sewage treatment plant has the capacity of treating millions of litres per day to ensure zero discharge of wastewater. Our passionate endeavours have successfully paved the way to bringing down water intensity in our office spaces by a significant amount. The recycled water is used for landscaping, cleaning, flushing, etc. at the various offices in DLF Cybercity Gurgaon.
  • Rainwater harvesting: In addition to reusing water, DLF cybercity also focuses on generating alternative sources of water. Rainwater harvesting is one such strategy wherein we help replenish underground water levels. For this purpose, DLF has installed multiple rainwater-harvesting pits. This initiative has resulted in raising the groundwater level significantly.
  • GIS power plant: DLF Cybercity's natural gas-based captive power plant uses co-generation technology which helps in providing uninterrupted power supply to Cybercity. The installation of GIS is a significant step toward reducing carbon footprint.
  • Solar panels and turbines: We realise that clean and green sources of energy are the future. In order to harness natural energy sources and reduce the carbon footprint of our commercial buildings, a robust solar power plant has been installed on the rooftops. It minimises our dependence on traditional power.
  • Light and motion-sensitive fixtures: Office spaces in DLF Cybercity Gurgaon are equipped with motion-sensitive interior lights, while the exterior lights are photo-sensitive. This ensures minimum idle usage of electricity.
  • High-efficiency pumps and chillers: DLF Cybercity is perhaps an ecosystem of the best office spaces in Gurgaon with respect to sustainability, owing to great attention to detail in every aspect. The chillers and pumps in our office buildings have been upgraded with the latest technology to ensure the highest energy efficiency.

Our visionary strategies are aimed at improving not only the experience of working in offices but also the impact that we have on the world around us. DLF Cybercity Gurgaon is the world's first developer-owned city and community to have won the LEED Platinum certification under the LEED v4.1 Cities and Communities: Existing rating system. But we do not wish to stop here. Our aim is to reach net zero goals very soon with a sustainability-centric and climate-conscious approach.

For companies that share our vision, we provide office spaces for lease in DLF Cybercity Gurgaon that are hailed as some of the world's most sustainable. We are dedicated to creating a working environment that is customer-centric and environment-friendly at the same time. Thus, by working in DLF Cybercity Gurgaon, not only does your productivity flourish, but the ecosystem around it as well.

DLF Cybercity Gurgaon becomes the world's first and only LEED Platinum certified City and Community by the USGBC

DLF Cybercity Gurugram has been the spearhead of a new era of workplace development. Our offices have been hailed as the standard for sustainable construction by the leading authorities of the country and world. The latest, and perhaps the most prestigious accolade to be added to our wall is the US Green Building Council's LEED Platinum certification for cities and communities.

The criteria for this certification, of which we are the first-ever recipient, extends beyond sustainable construction. It recognises the holistic excellence of a community - encompassing environmental design, safety, security, connectivity, convenience, recreation and holistic quality of life. It is the highest standard of environmental and individual impact of a real-estate development in modern times.

Developed by USGBC, the LEED program includes stringent checkpoints for governing the buildings. DLF Cybercity Gurugram aced every one of these, a first for commercial buildings in Gurgaon, and the whole world.

LEED Platinum Certified Office Spaces in DLF

Given below is a brief introduction to various aspects of the LEED Platinum certification for Cities and Communities:

Integrative Process

- Every building at DLF Cybercity Gurugram is LEED Zero Water and LEED Platinum certified, offering a total of 15 million sq. ft sustainable offices spaces for lease.

Natural system and ecology

- DLF Cybercity Gurugram sets a new benchmark for green building planning, with abundant green spaces in and around the office buildings.

Transportation and Land Use

- This office ecosystem has been planned with a robust transportation system that includes multiple bus stops, a dedicated metro service with last-mile connectivity, and multiple EV charging stations.

Water Efficiency

- Every office building at Cybercity Gurgaon is LEED Zero Water certified, owing to our salient water-conscious planning which includes rainwater harvesting systems and a high-efficiency greywater treatment plant.

Energy & Greenhouse gas emissions

- Cybercity Gurugram features state-of-the-art environmental design with solar power modules to harness clean energy. Our cutting-edge chillers, pumps and elevators minimise power consumption, and regular maintenance and monitoring ensures the highest power saving.

Material and Resources

- Ours is perhaps the only portfolio of offices spaces in Gurgaon that ensures zero untreated waste discharge. All our solid waste is either recycled, or transferred to the installed composters to be converted into manure and used for  landscaping.

Quality of Life

- At Cybercity Gurgaon, you get more than just premium workplaces. Here, you receive a refined neighbourhood that is replete with safety, security and recreation amenities unlike any other office building in Gurgaon. The community houses a dedicated fire station with skilled firefighting personnel ready 24x7, and India's first private 90 m Bronto skylift. There are also ambulance on alert round the clock with paramedical teams and all modern medical equipment. Indoors, every building is completely equipped with MERV-14 air filters, the best air purification technology in the country yet. Each building has direct access to Raghvendra Marg, a 16-lane signal-free road for smooth vehicular movement, with several underpasses for easy navigation towards every exit. The buildings house everything our partners need - banks, retail stores, convenience marts, fitness centres, medical centres, restaurants, etc.


- To ensure a healthy and prosperous return for our patrons, and the safety of workforce, we organised COVID vaccination drives for our employees and facility partners. Hundred percent of our employees were vaccinated in a short time.

How does this help our patrons and visitors?

LEED Platinum is a certification of exceptional people and environment-centric planning. It gives our stakeholders the assurance that DLF Cybercity houses not only the most sustainable office buildings in Gurgaon , but also workplaces where individual needs are met, and so is every aspiration they have. When it comes to office spaces in Delhi NCR, Cybercity is the prime choice for MNCs and Fortune 500s.

To enquire for commercial spaces for lease in Gurgaon at Cybercity, you can write to us on (email).

Five reasons why DLF Cybercity comprises the most efficient office spaces in Gurgaon

Workplace dynamics around the world are changing. So are the expectations of the workforce from their offices. This means that to ensure productivity, convenience, and optimum work-life balance, office spaces must evolve with the people. At DLF Cybercity Gurgaon, we offer commercial spaces for lease that provide modern IT employees an ecosystem of professional and individual wellbeing.

With 12 state-of-the-art office buildings and a collective IT infrastructure spanning 125 acres, DLF Cybercity is not only the centre of Gurgaon's corporate, but also the epicentre of its growth. Our portfolio comprises workplaces built with the highest standards of safety, service and sustainability, and world-class amenities.

Here are five reasons why DLF Cybercity is your ideal choice for an office in Gurgaon:

Commercial spaces in the city centre

Cybercity is nestled right next to NH 48 and Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road. It is easily accessible from Delhi, New Gurgaon, and important industrial destinations like Manesar. It also offers seamless connectivity to railway stations, the airport, and has a number of hotels, hospitals and premier residential addresses at a stone's throw. This makes commutes and visits quick and convenient for our patrons. Moreover, Cybercity is home to Fortune 500 companies and global leaders, which makes it a key location for leasing commercial spaces in Gurgaon.

Multifarious amenities inside and around the offices

Workplaces in DLF Cybercity Gurgaon come with all the essential offerings you expect - fast WiFi connectivity, 100% power backup, centralised air-conditioning, etc. Along with these, you find everything to make your work-life easier and more enriching. The project houses approximately 22,000 parking spots with RFID technology. This means that you and your visitors can arrive at the office without worrying about the parking hassle. Moreover, every building enjoys direct access to a 16-lane signal-free road joining NH 48. This road features multiple underpasses so that you can get around the workplace quickly, and you're never late for anything. There are multiple foot-over bridges interconnecting the buildings, so that inter-building walks become easier and collaboration flows free.

Offices spaces with unmatched safety measures

The entire DLF Cybercity Gurgaon portfolio has won the British Safety Council Sword of Honour. It is the world's highest safety certification for office buildings. Our salient health-safety and security measures include a dedicated fire station with India's first private 90-m-high skylift. The project also has paramedical teams and ambulances on standby 24x7, along with many super-speciality hospitals in vicinity. The buildings are equipped with thermal imaging cameras for instant detection of fires. A squad of 500 adept guards and a round-the-clock emergency response team are in place across all buildings to give you complete safety assurance.

To ensure safety against COVID, all commercial spaces on lease at Cybercity have been equipped with MERV-14 air filters which remove COVID particles from indoor air. DLF Offices is the only developer in the country to equip their entire portfolio with this air filtration technology. Moreover, all the staff and facility partners at our workplaces have been vaccinated against COVID for their protection, and that of our tenant employees and visitors. Our COVID-safety measures have won us two prestigious recognitions - the British Safety Council COVID-19 Assurance Statement, and the WELL Health-Safety rating.
This means that you can be assured of your safety and that of your employees when you consider choosing offices on rent at Cybercity.

Award-winning sustainable office spaces

Every commercial building in DLF Cybercity Gurugram has won the LEED Zero Water certification, assuring that our gross water recycling and conservation amounts exceed our actual consumption. And, the Cybercity ecosystem is LEED Platinum certified by the USGBC. This award, the highest in the world, testifies that our sustainability and wellbeing practices are uncompromised, and an example for workplaces globally.

The commercial spaces in Cybercity Gurgaon are equipped with cutting-edge elevators and chillers that minimise energy consumption. Our efficient, sensor-powered lights ensure minimum idle usage, and the rainwater harvesting pits and solid waste treatment plants help us care better for nature.

A premium entertainment destination

Inaugurated in 2013, DLF CyberHub is an integrated food and business district within Cybercity Gurgaon. It houses multifarious retail, dining and entertainment offerings, along with services like banks and ATMs. It also has dedicated engagement zones and offers a great breakout avenue to the employees of this workplace ecosystem.

For companies looking to lease or rent office spaces in Gurgaon, DLF Cybercity is the optimum choice. Built on the DLF principles of infrastructure, safety, sustainability and customer-centricity, this modern work address offers everything that organisations need for optimum working conditions. It also delivers the finer details that individuals require for a better work-life balance and holistic growth.

Looking for something specific? We'd be delighted to help you.