DLF Benchmarks in Delivering Safety In Their Future-Ready Office

The workforce of today is the driving force behind futuristic enterprises. They need a workspace that recognises their need for an environment that provides flexibility to match their rapidly changing style of working. At DLF, we foresaw this need for productive workspaces that would make India the vanguard of technological and business innovation.

Spread across 7 cities, DLF has replaced the conventional office space with one that is future-centric. Now, the workplace ecosystem revolves around creating an environment that enables the free interplay of creative innovation. It is this vision which has led to the creation of a holistic workspace that has set a benchmark in sustainability, safety, customer experience, design, and technology.

We have always been preemptive when it comes to the safety of our staff. It is this foresight that has led to the development of innovative technology and the filing of 5 safety patents, to become the first real estate company in India to invest its resources in such objectives. We have designed our spaces to be congruous with international safety guidelines to ensure that the future flourishes with us.

DLF Offices: Blueprint for a safe workplace

  • Multi-tiered Security System:
  • All DLF workspaces have a multi-tiered security system with state police personnel manning main access points in DLF Cyber City, Gurugram.
  • There is round-the-clock CCTV surveillance with a dedicated control room to ensure a safe working environment at par with international standards.
  • Baggage screening checkpoints at the building entry across all towers are also part of the security apparatus at DLF Offices

Fire Safety Measures:

  • There are thermal image cameras installed in all DLF workspaces to detect any fire-related issues.
  • In addition to this, we also have a fire suppression system with sprinklers and smoke detectors. We conduct regular fire drills and safety training programmes for all of our clients and employees, in addition to periodically administering in-house and external safety audits to ensure strict compliance with safety regulations.
  • Reputed hospitals are empanelled, across buildings,  with fully equipped ambulances stationed with trained paramedics for any medical eventuality.
  • The Cyber City clusters in Gurugram and Chennai offices have strategically located fire stations operated by DLF. Both are equipped with a 90-metre-high hydraulic Bronto skylift that can reach up to 30 floors.
  • A Covid-Free Zone:

  • All DLF Offices are equipped with a MERV-14 air filtration system. This is a state-of-the-art air purification system that successfully eliminates up to 98% of harmful pollutants, including SARS-CoV2, in the indoor working space.
  • The HVACs at our offices change air twice per hour ensuring that all our patrons breathe fresh air at all times.
  • In addition to this, all of our staff and facility partners have been vaccinated. The British Safety Council has acknowledged these measures by bestowing us with a 'Covid-19 Assurance Statement'.
  • Structural Endurance:

  • All our offices are structurally built according to seismic zone 5 specifications. This ensures that even in the eventuality of a strong earthquake, our occupants remain unharmed.
  • There are Disaster Management and Disaster Recovery Plan centres adjoining every office complex, containing various equipment to effectively mitigate and de-escalate any disasters.

Conclusion :

At DLF, we have transformed the way workspaces look and function; breaking away from the conventional mould and creating an entirely new generation of holistic workplace ecosystems. We truly believe that the real estate ecosystem created by DLF has played its part in successfully propelling India as a world leader in technological and business. We have been accorded numerous accreditations such as 18 Swords of Honour from the British Safety Council, which reaffirms our status as a global leader in occupational health and safety. We have also been accorded the WELL Health-Safety seal, which recognizes that the best safety practices have been adopted and third-party verified. The future not only works at DLF workspaces but thrives.

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