DLF Tech Park, Noida: The Future is Here

DLF Offices: Harbinger of Change

In today's world, for a corporation to succeed, it is pivotal for its success to foster an environment that promotes innovation, performance, and work-life balance. DLF Offices have been reshaping the sector by acting as the driving force behind this transformation of the IT office paradigm in India. Our vision of providing innovative solutions to satisfy the rapidly evolving needs of the modern workforce has led to the curation of immaculate plexes of high-performance office ecosystems. Today we operate on the modus operandi of integrating world-class safety and security, sustainability, design, customer experience, and technology into the final product.

We have spent the last half of the century endeavouring to provide the Indian metropolitans with state-of-the-art workspace ecosystems which provide innovative solutions ahead of their time. We have worked hand-in-hand with our patrons, which include many Tech Giants and Fortune 500 companies, to collectively christen India as a  global Business and Technology hub.

DLF Tech Park, Noida:

In the 40-odd years since its inception, Noida has come a long way in its evolution as an urban agglomeration. The city has undergone a massive transformation with wide roads, arterial highways, and gleaming buildings. The city is fast emerging as a hotspot for tech giants and promising small enterprises alike.  In the last four years, the city, following the vision of 'Digital India' and other progressive IT policies, has become home to innumerable IT industry behemoths. Furthermore, the government's vision of the importance of Data Centres to India's digital ecosystem and the consequent mandate, for companies to store data of Indian citizens locally, has led many multinational giants to acquire land in the city to open data centres.

With the addition of DLF Tech Park to our burgeoning portfolio, we are set to revolutionise the workspace ecosystem in Noida. At DLF, we foster a future-centric approach by anticipating the needs and wants of tomorrow.  Spread over an area of 25 acres with a 4 million square feet build potential, DLF Tech Park is a RERA registered project which is strategically located at a close distance to the Noida Expressway and the Metro line.

A Sustainable Workspace:

We at DLF understand the responsibility the business world has towards the community in establishing a thriving business while utilising sustainable strategies. DLF Tech Park, Noida has been planned to be LEED Platinum by the US Green Building Council, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. At DLF Tech Park, Noida we are employing numerous energy-efficient strategies such as the installation of the Integrated Business Management System (IBMS). The system integrates different technologies and harmonises processes in a manner that leads to ease in monitoring, controlling, and optimising energy usage and transmission. This transformation of processes by driving automation and operational efficiency in industries will lead to a significant reduction in the workplace's carbon footprint.

A Safe Workspace:

The safety of the workforce has always been essential to the design of DLF Offices. The DLF Tech Park, Noida office exemplifies this, with the installation of the MERV-14 air filtration system in all the phases. This system purifies up to 98% of contaminants in the air, including SARS-COV, thus providing our patron's workforce with clean air at all times.  Further, the workspace is built following Seismic Zone-5 guidelines making it an earthquake-resistant structure.

An Accessible Workspace:

DLF Tech Park, Noida is strategically located on the Noida Expressway, in sector 143. It has seamless connectivity with the major commercial and residential hubs of Delhi-NCR. The Sector 143 Metro Station on the Aqua line is only 700 metres away from the multiblock integrated campus of Tech Park.  It has many renowned hotels and malls in its vicinity, with DLF Mall of India, one of the largest mall in the country, being 10 minutes from the complex.  The location of DLF Tech Park, Noida ensures a hassle-free commute for the workforce, with the proximity to various recreational hubs also promoting work-life balance.

A Holistic Workspace:

At DLF Offices, we believe high performance at work is concomitant with a progressive environment that stimulates it. Therefore, we have built world-class offices in line with international standards, which inspires a free flow of ideas and productivity. Atriums and lobbies have been designed with minute attention paid to the wider human sense of aesthetics, DLF Tech Park, Noida is indeed the hallmark for the offices of the future.  The increased floor-to-floor height and box shape of the floor leads to plenty of natural light penetration, exemplifying how a building structure lends itself to enrich the work environment.

Final Thoughts:

DLF Offices foresaw the changing winds of the modern workplace. The modern employee has avant-garde needs that are only met through a futuristic workspace. DLF Tech Park, Noida is an initiative to provide an enabling environment for the future of work in Noida, built to foster collaborative endeavours.

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