Enabling the Great Return with a People-centric Approach


The past two years have been one of transition back to working to office spaces. However, what constitutes an optimally functioning, high-performance-oriented work environment today is vastly different from the pre-pandemic conventional office space. The modern workforce is extensively inclined towards integrated, community-oriented office spaces which are receptive to their evolving needs. The triumph of the Great Return to Work is therefore tangential to the provision of a workspace ecosystem that champions employee wellness, safety, and satisfaction.

This has presented a substantial challenge to corporate real estate developers globally, who are still struggling to apprehend the far-reaching consequences of the changing workspace paradigm. In stark contrast, at DLF Offices with our future-oriented approach to workspaces, we have already met these requirements with ease.

We believe that offices should function as a social microcosm, not only viewed as a place to work but as a safe space where creative minds can come together to interact and form communities. Additionally, we are cognizant of the fact that employee productivity is at its peak when the workforce is provided with people-centric social zones.  Therefore, at DLF Offices we are committed to providing the future of work with a secure environment that facilitates communication, collaboration and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

The Future Desires Community:

The isolation of working from home stripped the workforce of meaningful human interaction. Humans are inherently social beings and they thrive in workspaces designed to foster genuine and tangible communication. The future of work wants to be associated with organisations that have a sociable workspace. These spaces provide a platform for fortuitous and spontaneous ideation thereby leading to a higher level of employee satisfaction and productivity.

At DLF, we recognize that the modern workforce aspires to be in an agile workspace that facilitates connection, communication, and collaboration. Therefore, social integration is crucial to our office designs. Our goal is to provide our employees with a workspace that inculcates in them a sense of community working towards a unified goal.

Our offices are replete with open and breakout spaces which serve as a nexus for organic conversations and a source of respite and movement.

The Future Values Safety:

On the back of the pandemic, the workforce today is more diligent than ever about working in a secure environment. A safe workspace provides a platform for unfettered innovation and creation by the future of work. At DLF, we have, therefore, striven to provide employees with state-of-art safety measures at par with international standards. We have been accorded numerous accreditations for maintaining stringent safety standards. Our robust safety measures have been acknowledged with 18 Swords Of Honour by the British Safety Council for the year 2022. Some of the safety measures we have employed are:

  • We have installed the MERV-14 air filtration system across our corporate real estate portfolio. This system filters up to 90% air contaminants, including SARS-COV2, making our offices safe for re-entry of the workforce post-pandemic. The British Safety Council has provided us with the stamp of the Well Health Safety Rating as well as the COVID-19 Assurance Statement.
  • Our offices have thermal image cameras to detect and mitigate accidental fires. We also have private fire stations in Gurugram and Chennai with skylift and ambulances on standby, with all the necessary equipment to ensure the safety of our occupiers. Additionally, we have a modern fire detection and suppression system with fire smoke detectors and sprinklers.
  • We have a tiered security system and round-the-clock CCTV surveillance across all our offices. Furthermore, all the main access points of our offices are manned by security personnel.
  • All our offices not only comply with but exceed NBC regulations and are built according to Seismic Zone 5 specifications.

The Future Deserves Holistic Workspaces:

As the workforce re-enters corporate offices, it is paramount to recognize how their needs, wants and work ethics have shifted. With over a quarter of their day spent at the office, employees now desire workspaces that are designed to be receptive to their needs. An idyllic office space nurtures a healthy work-life balance for its workforce. This amplifies employee performance and organisational productivity.

We believe the future of work requires progressive, flexible workspaces with numerous recreational avenues which provide them with a comfortable environment to perform at their best. Therefore, at DLF offices our patrons will get a perfect blend of a workspace with the highest technological innovation and office spaces lined with multiple food and beverage avenues, wellness centres, and entertainment zones. Additionally, all the offices are strategically located to be in proximity to major commercial and retail centres.

DLF CyberCity, Gurgaon is a prime example of a holistic workspace curated by DLF Offices. Located in the heart of modern Gurgaon, the Central Business District, is the location of CyberHub and is on the main artery that connects Gurgaon to Delhi, the National Highway 48. CyberHub provides our workforce with innumerous recreation outlets from fine-dining restaurants to pubs and coffee houses, to high-street shopping outlets, to an open-air amphitheatre that hosts everything from concerts to art shows.

Final Thoughts:

The future flourishes in a workspace that pre-eminently values a secure, integrated environment working on the principles of interaction, collaboration, and work-life equilibrium. At DLF Offices we believe the workspace is designed not just for work but to provide a sense of belonging and community to the workforce. Thus, we provide a workspace ecosystem where this vision of an optimal operational workspace is actualized, ensuring a positive, people-centric environ fostering high employee and organisational performance.

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