How does workplace wellness boost productivity?


A leading study, assessing the relationship between health and the business environment, has revealed that the majority of CXOs credit workplace wellness for employees' higher performance and productivity. The concept of workplace wellness is not limited to just the physical well-being of the workforce. It incorporates a comprehensive set of policies and strategies aiming to create an environment that enhances the overall wellness of employees.

With an average employee spending almost one-third of their waking hours at work, it is imperative that they feel safe, comfortable, and nurtured. It is in such a framework that employee engagement is at its peak. A happy workforce is a prerequisite to a collaborative and innovative workspace.

At DLF offices, we are cognizant that in the contemporary knowledge-based economy, investing in human resources is imperative. Therefore, we are relentless in our efforts to provide top-of-the-line amenities and an unparalleled work experience to clients. Our workspaces function as an integrated network of work and rejuvenation in a secure environment.

Workplace Wellness at Offices:

Employee productivity is the defining factor of an enterprise's success and is proportional to workforce wellness. The future of work requires progressive spaces wherein concentrated effort is made to ascertain their physical and mental well-being. A happy employee is predisposed to actively take up work initiative and be time-efficient, thereby ascertaining better organisational performance.

When workplace wellness forms an integral part of the design of the workspace, there is an invariable increase in talent acquisition and retention, employee morale, and productivity. An optimum working space postulates an integrated system of health promotion facilities and policies formulated to support positive employee health and behaviour. To provide an optimal ambience for the future of work it is paramount to provide the workforce with world-class infrastructure, bespoke leisure amenities, and superior facility management.

Research shows that employees who feel their workplace is safe are more likely to perform better than those who feel unsafe. Therefore, a safe working environment is pertinent to actualising ideal operational conditions. This empowers them to focus on their work, thereby boosting productivity. The modern workforce is the author of our future. Some measures corporates today can employ to endeavour towards the vision of workplace wellness are:

    A tiered security system:

  • The post-pandemic world has marshalled a modern workforce that demands an elevated workspace that has their safety and well-being as the impelling force. Ensuring round-the-clock CCTV surveillance of all the main access points being manned by security personnel at modal office employment of extensive measures to ensure the safety of both the employers and employees is crucial.
  • A toxin-free environment:

  • Concentrated efforts must be made to ensure offices today have the latest air purification system, like the MERV-14 air purifier. This purifies the air of 98% of its contaminants, including SARS-COV2.
  • A water-spraying mechanism can be installed in offices to water trees at regular intervals to reduce pollution.

    Fire Safety:

  • All offices must have well-defined policies and mechanisms to prevent accidental fires. For instance, rapid intervention vehicles manned by trained personnel can be empanelled in proximity to the workspace.
  • A Positive Workspace:

  • The mental well-being of the workforce is significantly conducive to high-calibre performance. Hence, it is exigent to establish a workspace that is flexible, stimulating, and satisfying. Humans are innately social beings and thrive in a community setting. Conventional office spaces which enclose employees in restrained spaces and offer subpar amenities hinder optimal workforce performance. On the contrary, workstations today need to be designed to encourage collaboration and a community approach to work to boost productivity.
  • Integration of work and rejuvenation:

  • Productivity in the workspace is directly proportional to workforce wellness. When the workforce is provided with an array of people-centred spaces, such as food courts, wellness centres, and shopping outlets in proximity to their workspace, it allows them to maintain an optimal work-life balance and prevent unnecessary stress and feeling burnt out.

  • Inculcation of Wellness programmes:

  • Corporations can integrate comprehensive wellness programmes to improve overall employee health behaviours by helping reduce smoking and alcohol use, improving weight management, encouraging healthy eating and exercise, and much more. Further, regular assessments should be carried out to give employees a chance to address concerns related to physical and mental health.
  • Incorporation of Biophilic Design in Offices:

  • Biophilic designs indicate the incorporation of natural elements like vegetation, natural light, open spaces, and natural light into the built environment. Research suggests when biophilic concepts are incorporated into the design of office spaces, there is a significant improvement in the overall wellness of the workforce. These natural elements help in improving ventilation and better air quality. It also is instrumental in reducing the stress level of the workforce.


Workplace wellness plays a key role in the productivity of enterprises. At DLF Offices, we have cultivated an environment that promotes unrestrained innovation and collaboration. We are cognizant of the importance of the workforce's well-being to achieving organisational goals.

Therefore, we have adopted safety and security measures that are at par with international standards. Consequently, our buildings are home to many Fortune 500 companies. We are the first real estate developer in India to have private fire stations equipped with state-of-art rescue equipment. All of our offices have empanelled rapid intervention vehicles and ambulances manned by trained fire and medical personnel, respectively. To provide an optimal ambiance for the future of work, we have invested in world-class infrastructure, bespoke leisure amenities, and superior facility management.

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