Live, Work, Play: Workspaces As Multifunctional Communities


The contemporary workspace ecosystem is undergoing an overarching structural revolution. The return to the workspace post-pandemic involves establishing a workspace that can serve the employees in multiple manners rather than just being a place of work. The new era of the workforce envisages offices as a highly optimised, safe ecosystem that ensures collaboration, high productivity, and performance.

Not only that, the future of work also envisions the workspace as a framework for social support. With the average employee working over 50 hours a week, the workplace becomes integral to the cultivation of social connections, which is a pre requsite for high productivity.

Employees, today seek out workspaces that are an amalgamation of social, recreational, and commercial institutions. These offices are built and designed in a manner to boost organisational productivity and employee performance, while ensuring an optimal work-life balance.

Why are Multi-functional workspaces important?

The success of a workspace is contingent upon its ability to not only recruit but also retain top talent. The future of work wants to be associated with an organisation that fosters a community approach toa work. Far from the conventional office spaces, they now desire an ecosystem that buoys up a community-approach to work with ultra-modern workspaces. Subsequently, they require office spaces that provide a comfortable and unrestrained environment that bolsters interaction and collaboration. In addition to boosting productivity, this also fulfils the inherent human need for community.

The establishment of workspaces as inherently a 'vertical community' is further concretized by ensuring an optimum blend of work-life balance for the workforce. This community is lined with social zones such as wellness centres, entertainment zones, restaurants/cafes, and paramedical facilities. With the growing traffic in the metropolitan commercial hubs, the provision of these amenities close to the office allows for ease of accessibility for employees. Therefore, the contemporary multifunctional office spaces provide a holistic work-life-play atmosphere craved by the modern workforce.

With these multifunctional office spaces gaining momentum in the past five years, they have demonstrated to have a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities they're centred in. In addition to attracting and retaining the workforce, these spaces also serve to bolster the local economy by revitalising communities and encouraging private investment.

DLF Offices: A Multifunctional Community

At DLF, we have striven to design a progressive workspace ecosystem that facilitates collaboration and innovation. We have been relentless in our efforts to create office spaces that are receptive to the paradigm shift in the culture, needs, and ethics of our workforce. We recognise that the future of work requires a modern environment wherein they can develop a healthy work-life equilibrium. Therefore, we have developed office campuses with top-of-the-class recreational facilities, including but not limited to a gymnasium, restaurants, cafes, and medical centres.

Our biophilic designs with sunlight-lit rooms and open spaces serve to re-energize the workforce, boost productivity, and improve their overall well-being. All our offices are equipped with a multiple-tiered security system, thereby ensuring a safe environment for fortuitous interaction by the workforce.

Final Thoughts

Employees today choose where they work based on numerous experiential conditions. Therefore, workspace ecosystem today must not only facilitate innovation but also support overall well-being by reducing stress and anticipating needs of the modern employees. They desire workspaces designed in a manner that provides them with a sense of community and maintains a work-life balance. This environment has led to an acceleration in the demand for multifunctional office spaces. At DLF Offices we successfully foresaw and fulfilled this demand for avant-garde office spaces functioning as an intersection of work, life, and play.

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