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We have pioneered the retail revolution in India. From curated luxury malls to premium retail destinations, DLF has transformed the way people interact, connect, and experience the retail landscape.

  • 0.41
    million sq m retail space
  • 65
    million+ annual customers
  • 900
    + international and Indian
    luxury fashion brands
  • 100
    million+ digital reach

Malls By DLF

    The Chanakya
    DLF The Chanakya DLF The Chanakya

    The Chanakya

    Explore a mix of luxury international brands like Hermes, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Indian artisanal brands such as Neeru Kumar, Paro by Good Earth, Nicobar, all at one place.

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    DLF Emporio DLF Emporio

    DLF Emporio

    DLF Emporio - synonymous with luxury - offers a unique premium shopping experience with an accent on exclusivity, space and aesthetics. Explore the finest signature brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci, Cartier, Bvlgari and more at DLF Emporio.

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    DLF Mall of India DLF Mall of India

    DLF Mall of India

    Spread across a retail space of 0.18 mn sq m, DLF Mall of India is India's first and largest destination mall that introduced the concept of 'Zoning' for the ease of customer's shopping experience. With 350 plus brands, it has redefined the retail landscape in India.

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    DLF Promenade DLF Promenade

    DLF Promenade

    A mall for the trend-conscious, by the virtue of its offerings, DLF Promenade has earned the distinction of being the city's only fashion destination mall. With 150 plus brands like Zara, Marks & Spencer, PVR Icon Cinemas ,Under Armour and Superdry, DLF Promenade completes the mall experience for all its patrons.

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    DLF CyberHub DLF CyberHub

    DLF CyberHub

    DLF Cyberhub is a unique, one-of-its-kind concept in India – A premium social hangout that has food & entertainment at its core. With 85 plus brands it makes DLF CyberHub, an unparalleled experience and an ideal destination for art and cultural shows, media launches, displays, lifestyle shoots etc.

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    DLf Avenue Saket DLf Avenue Saket

    DLF Avenue

    DLF Avenue Saket now open

    DLF Avenue is a place with taste and discernment that values quality over quantity. A destination that has been carefully curated, like no other till now in the country. The focus is on integrated experience of Shopping, Dining and Culture.

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    DLF City Centre DLF City Centre

    DLF City Centre

    Strategically located next to the biggest IT hub in Chandigarh, City Centre is a culturally vibrant mall widely popular among youth and office-goers.

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    Horizon Plaza
    DLF5 Gurugram

    Horizon Plaza , a place for finest cuisines, creativity , fresh new ideas and unmatched ambience. From offering cocktails to an innovative work environment to hosting discussion-worthy events, Horizon Plaza is about discovering new horizon.

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    What's Trending

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    December 2018, DLF CYBERHUB

    The First Ever Food Excellence Awards 2018

    To recognize & celebrate the exceptional & best-in-class of F&B industry, DLF has initiated the Annual DLF Food Excellence Awards 2018.

    October 2019, DLF Emporio

    The Luxury Shopping Festival (LSF)

    The LSF is a month-long shopping festival, during which patrons shopping for a minimum of INR 25,000 stand a chance to win exciting luxury gifts. The highest spenders get to walk-away with all -expenses paid luxury trips to international destinations or exclusive jewellery pieces

    August 2019, DLF Emporio and The Chanakya

    The in-house magazine of DLF Emporio and The Chanakya

    The Edition is a bespoke publication catering to the discerning residents and connoisseurs of the National Capital Region. The destinations, DLF Emporio & The Chanakya, are home to some of the world's finest luxury and uber-luxury brands, and The Edition acts as the go-to guide that provides the latest updates on brands, their collections, latest launches, trends and the trend-setters.
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    December 2019, DLF Emporio

    Autumn/Winter Sale Preview

    The by invite sale preview is an opportunity for all Emporio shoppers to access exclusive and never-before offers across all major International and Indian brands.

    August 2019, The Chanakya

    Art of Gifting- weekend

    An exclusive showcase by the brands to promote Gifting opportunities & Festive buys for the upcoming season.

    September 2019, The Chanakya

    The Luxe Affaire

    A'Marigold Evening' to showcase Artisanal India via luxury brands housed at The Chanakya over cocktails & Artisanal Indian Hors d'oeuvres,inspired by the aucourant street food of India Episode 1-With The Canadian Embassy

    September 2019, The Chanakya

    Artisanal Guild - 'Kaarigar Bazaar at The Chanakya'

    A spectacular showcase of intricate artisanal curations by the Retailers to promote the Indian artisans through immersions conducted by Ateliers and experts

    October-November 2019, The Chanakya

    The Chanakya Luxury Gifting Festival

    A delightful indulgence for Shopaholics.During the festival,shoppers get a chance to win luxurious gifts & giveaways by the brands.The highest shopper of The Chanakya Luxury Gifting festival wins an exclusive gift.

    February 2019, DLF Shopping Malls

    Celebrating a decade of retail excellence

    2019 is a special year for DLF Shopping malls as it completes its first decade of transforming retail in India. DLF has been setting new standards in mall experience for all its consumers better than the best in the industry.

    May 2019, DLF Mall of India

    DLF Mall of India marks 3 years of Retail Excellence

    India ka Mall, is a name to reckon with, in the ever-growing fashion retail space in Delhi NCR. The mall has marked a milestone of three years, setting new customer service standards and offering a wholistic shopping experience to its patrons.

    July - September 2019,

    TREND Magazine

    Launched in 2017, Trend is a premium lifestyle magazine that's far from your average offerings. A crossroad of Fashion and Lifestyle, it's a document of community, belonging and shared space. Click here to see the latest edition.

    May 2019, DLF Cyber Hub


    DLF CYBERHUB & KINGFISHER Premium Packaged Drinking Water came together to celebrate cricket with CRIC MANIA for the entire season.

    December-January 2019-2020, The Chanakya

    Autumn Winter Sales Preview

    An exclusive Inverted Sales preview' for The Chanakya loyalists to indulge in shopping and brand immersions over Wine & cheese

    January 2020, DLF Emporio

    The Fashion & Food Fiesta

    The Fashion & Food Fiesta combines the two biggest indulgences of the Emporio guests-Fashion and Food. The Second & Third floors come alive with master classes, experiential zones and by invite sessions with some of the biggest names in Indian Fashion.

    February 2020, DLF Emporio

    L'Homme Luxury

    This "by-invite" annual property platforms and celebrates the best of Men's fashion and provides our patrons unfettered access to the latest in International and Indian Men's Wear by way of an exclusive multi designer Fashion show.

    March 2020, DLF Emporio

    Women's Day Celebrations

    This is a celebration of women empowerment, put together at SETZ over a cocktails & brunch afternoon. DLF Emporio extends an invitation to celebrated and notable women industry leaders,who have been leaders in their respective fields.

    March 2020, DLF Emporio

    Design Awards

    The DLF Emporio Design Awards has been created to encourage and support young fashion designers. Each year, DLF Emporio recognizes and honors young, innovative and emerging talent in the field of fashion and design, with entries coming in from over 50 design schools across the country.

    February 2020, The Chanakya

    Valentines Special Week

    A week full of brand immersions across Fashion,Gourmet & Entertainment that gives patrons endless reasons to fall in love with The Chanakya .

    March 2020, The Chanakya

    International Women's Day

    International Women's Day celebration to honour the spirit of womanhood and empowerment over wine and cheese and special immersions such as Tarot Card Reading, Aura Reading & Nail Art by NOIR salon.

    March 2020, The Chanakya

    Wearable Art x The Chanakya

    Annual Property with DLF Foundation - An exclusive Fashion showcase of themed wearable art over F&B & Entertainment .

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