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Gallery / Artisanal Market

Saturday mornings made healthy at Horizon Plaza Artisanal Market, DLF 5 Your Saturdays deserve to be healthy, so give them a dose of handpicked homegrown health. We urge you to reconnect with your food. Meet and buy from passionate people. Those who grow produce themselves, and those who hand-craft with fresh and natural ingredients and a whole lot of love. Get a freshly brewed coffee or a smoothie, select your fruits and vegetables for the week. Get some honey or handcrafted cheese and learn why millets are good for you. Stock up on natural oils, masalas and pickles. Take home some fresh flowers and freshly baked products. Bring your kids and let them feel the earthy connect with what they eat instead of thinking it comes from a shelf. As autumn sets in, come with friends and family and soak in the ambience, sit by the tranquil waterbodies as you share some interesting food. Gift yourself the luxury of slowing down.

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