DLF 100% water conservation

Embodying Sustainability at work, how DLF Offices conserve every drop with zero water wastage

Water is gradually becoming a scarce resource. With the onset of climate change, water conservation has become more necessary than ever. Commercial buildings have long been labelled as huge energy and resource consumers. DLF Offices has taken a huge stride towards changing this notion with state-of-the-art, sustainable office spaces. As one of the nation's leading developers, DLF has emerged as a trailblazer in developing sustainable offices that conserve every drop of water; ensuring zero water wastage. This monumental achievement has earned us 45 global accreditations from reputed international organisations like USGBC.

Sustainability as a Core Value

As an industry leader that values environmental stewardship and responsible business practices, DLF Offices has always strived to address the water crisis head-on. Leading by example, we align our projects with the goals of global sustainability and incorporate a comprehensive strategy for water conservation, ensuring that not a single droplet goes to waste. DLF has taken various steps to ensure 100% water conservation in their commercial spaces for lease, helping corporates towards their own sustainability goals while we achieve ours.

DLF Offices have cutting-edge rain-water harvesting systems which ensure that all the collected rainwater is treated and used for various purposes within the office complex. This significantly reduces the dependence of water from external sources. All DLF Offices spaces also have employed advanced water recycling technologies that treat and purify all the wastewater generated within the office complex. This makes the recycled water suitable for non-potable uses such as irrigation and flushing. These steps are further enhanced by the deployment of efficient water fixtures and water audits and monitoring. By investing in plumbing fixtures and appliances along with using real-time monitoring systems, DLF Offices ensures that water wastage and related inefficiencies are taken care of without compromising user comfort.

Global Recognitions and Accreditations

DLF Offices commitment towards creating sustainable workspaces to ensure a brighter future is not just rhetoric, it is substantiated by our complete operational portfolio being LEED Zero Water certified. These accreditations solidify their position as a leader in both sustainability and cutting-edge real estate developments. Various international forums that recognise sustainable real estate have commended the exceptional efforts made by DLF in the realm of sustainability and water conservation.

DLF Offices commitment towards sustainability has been further solidified by their high positioning in global sustainability rankings and various accreditations. DLF Offices has been given the Platinum certification for sustainability in buildings by LEED. They have also been certified as a sector leader in sustainable practices by GRESB and Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. These globally recognised rankings further affirm their reputation as an eco-conscious developer.

Spearheading a sustainable journey

In conclusion, DLF Offices journey towards achieving zero water wastage in all of their workplaces stands as proof of their commitment to sustainability and achieving a better future. Our pioneering approach towards water conservation sets the standard for sustainable developments in the real estate industry. It is also living proof that responsible development and sustainable practices can coexist harmoniously, benefitting the environment, businesses, and society as a whole. DLF Offices continues to lead the way towards a sustainable and secure future.

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