DLF Cybercity Hyderabad: Pioneering Sustainable and Decarbonized Office Spaces for a Greener Future

India pioneering real estate developer, DLF has played a key role in transforming the urban landscape of the country. In a little over seven decades, the realty pioneer has successfully capitulated itself as a key growth partner of the country, with an iconic portfolio of over 31.25 million sq. ft across a diverse range of verticals. The secret behind this success is the realty giant commitment to continuous improvement that underpins all its operations. However, what sets DLF Offices apart is their vision to ensure operational excellence in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.

While India climb to success has indeed been bolstered by the development of the built environment, it is also important to recognise the impact it has had on the environment. According to the latest industry reports, the built environment ecosystem is responsible for about a quarter of the world greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In light of this, the realty maven cognisant of their responsibility towards society, has upended this challenge into an opportunity to create a tangible, positive change in the ecosystem we thrive in.

DLF Cybercity Hyderabad is a great example of this endeavour by DLF. Located in the IT corridor of Gachibowli, the multi-block integrated commercial office space has had sustainability at the crux of its design, construction, and management processes. Whether it is a Fortune 500 company on the hunt for their ideal office space, or a unicorn company, when you work here you are assured to meet your sustainability commitments. This blog will delve into how this workspace, with its energy-efficient utilisation of resources and ecologically conscious design, has successfully laid out a decarbonisation blueprint for the rest of the commercial assets to follow.

Here are a few ways in which DLF has incorporated sustainability in the office spaces in DLF Cybercity Hyderabad:

Greenspaces: A unique intersection of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability

While the growth trajectory of India in the last century has indeed been impressive, it has resulted in large-scale migration to urban areas, with the urban population estimated to reach 675 million by 2035. This has levied surmounting pressure on the limited resources in the area and also resulted in wide-scale deforestation, which has led to disastrous environmental consequences. From rising pollution levels to the emission of greenhouse gases to the heat island effect, the effect has been dire for the environment and humans alike.

Recognising the importance of a healthy and sustainable environment to attain community development, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad has been designed with plenty of green and open spaces interspersed throughout the 26 acres development. This not only leads to the nourishment of the development existing character, and improved environmental protection but has also promoted outdoor recreational spaces and active lifestyles. Committed to preserving the biodiversity of the operation site, DLF Offices has followed a rigorous policy of mitigation hierarchy, wherein numerous trees were planted in the public area around their Hyderabad asset. We have also partnered with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation for maintaining green corridors in the City of Nawabs, by spearheading plantation drives.

However, our dedication to ensuring that our workforce works in the healthiest environment possible is not limited to this. To ensure that our workers can benefit from the rejuvenating effects of nature, our office development has been constructed in close vicinity to Hyderabad's verdant Biodiversity Park.

Water management: Not a drop wasted

Acutely aware of the ongoing water scarcity crisis in the world, at DLF Offices we have envisioned reducing water intensity in our rental assets by 10% by 2025, using

FY 2019-20 as the baseline. In line with this vision, we have successfully developed a rental portfolio wherein 100% of our sites, including DLF Cybercity Hyderabad, are LEED Zero Water certified. With stringent adherence to the 4Rs principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover), we have committed to effectively managing the water quality and utilisation throughout the lifecycle of this development, ensuring a potable water utilisation of net zero for over four years. Our enedeavours have resulted in significantly bringing down the water intensity in our office space.

Energy Efficiency: Revolutionising real estate with green solutions

With 90 billion natural resources being exhausted every year, and the figures expected to rise twofold by 2050, the importance of adopting energy-efficient practices and resources in our built environment has never been more urgent. As one of the leading real estate companies in the country, we have assumed the responsibility of committing to reduce energy intensity across our rental portfolio by 15% by 2030. To attain the collective objective of energy security and environmental protection, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad has adopted an array of practices to reduce our dependence on exhaustible resources, with the project being 100% green energy powered. We have installed solar panels, which are not only dependent on inexhaustible solar energy but are also efficient regarding water consumption and cost while releasing negligible greenhouse gases. We have also designed our office buildings with a grand atrium, which ensures plenty of natural light filters in, further leading to a reduction of dependence upon artificial lighting.

Sustainability efforts recognised: DLF Cybercity Hyderabad awarded LEED Zero Waste

Over the last seven decades, we have earned the recognition of being industry front runners. Our initiatives to inculcate sustainable practices throughout the lifecycle of DLF Cybercity Hyderabad have led us to receive numerous awards and recognitions. For showcasing our commitment to sustainable business, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad has been bestowed with the prestigious LEED Platinum Certificate by USGBC, the most widely used and recognised green building rating system in the world. Further, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad is also the first development in India to be awarded LEED Zero Waste Certification.

LEED Zero Waste certification signifies buildings or developments that have achieved exceptional waste management practices and have successfully diverted a significant amount of waste from landfill. To obtain the LEED Zero Waste Certification, a building or development must demonstrate that it has achieved at least 90% diversion of on-site generated waste from landfills through strategies such as recycling, composting, and reuse. The certification acknowledges the efforts made by the project to minimize waste generation and promote sustainable waste management practices.

By receiving the LEED Zero Waste Certification, DLF Cybercity Hyderabad has demonstrated its commitment to effectively managing waste and contributing to a circular economy by reducing landfill waste and maximizing recycling and reuse. It signifies that the development has implemented robust waste management systems and practices, aligning with the highest sustainability standards in the industry.

Final thoughts:

DLF Cybercity Hyderabad stands as a shining example of DLF's commitment to sustainable development and decarbonisation in the commercial real estate sector. With a clear understanding of the environmental impact of the built environment, DLF has taken up the challenge as an opportunity to create positive change. By incorporating sustainability measures in the design, construction, and management of DLF Cybercity Hyderabad, DLF Offices has set a decarbonisation blueprint for other commercial assets to follow.

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