DLF Cybercity Gurgaon becomes the world's first and only LEED Platinum certified City and Community by the USGBC

DLF Cybercity Gurugram has been the spearhead of a new era of workplace development. Our offices have been hailed as the standard for sustainable construction by the leading authorities of the country and world. The latest, and perhaps the most prestigious accolade to be added to our wall is the US Green Building Council's LEED Platinum certification for cities and communities.

The criteria for this certification, of which we are the first-ever recipient, extends beyond sustainable construction. It recognises the holistic excellence of a community - encompassing environmental design, safety, security, connectivity, convenience, recreation and holistic quality of life. It is the highest standard of environmental and individual impact of a real-estate development in modern times.

Developed by USGBC, the LEED program includes stringent checkpoints for governing the buildings. DLF Cybercity Gurugram aced every one of these, a first for commercial buildings in Gurgaon, and the whole world.

LEED Platinum Certified Office Spaces in DLF

Given below is a brief introduction to various aspects of the LEED Platinum certification for Cities and Communities:

Integrative Process

- Every building at DLF Cybercity Gurugram is LEED Zero Water and LEED Platinum certified, offering a total of 15 million sq. ft sustainable offices spaces for lease.

Natural system and ecology

- DLF Cybercity Gurugram sets a new benchmark for green building planning, with abundant green spaces in and around the office buildings.

Transportation and Land Use

- This office ecosystem has been planned with a robust transportation system that includes multiple bus stops, a dedicated metro service with last-mile connectivity, and multiple EV charging stations.

Water Efficiency

- Every office building at Cybercity Gurgaon is LEED Zero Water certified, owing to our salient water-conscious planning which includes rainwater harvesting systems and a high-efficiency greywater treatment plant.

Energy & Greenhouse gas emissions

- Cybercity Gurugram features state-of-the-art environmental design with solar power modules to harness clean energy. Our cutting-edge chillers, pumps and elevators minimise power consumption, and regular maintenance and monitoring ensures the highest power saving.

Material and Resources

- Ours is perhaps the only portfolio of offices spaces in Gurgaon that ensures zero untreated waste discharge. All our solid waste is either recycled, or transferred to the installed composters to be converted into manure and used for  landscaping.

Quality of Life

- At Cybercity Gurgaon, you get more than just premium workplaces. Here, you receive a refined neighbourhood that is replete with safety, security and recreation amenities unlike any other office building in Gurgaon. The community houses a dedicated fire station with skilled firefighting personnel ready 24x7, and India's first private 90 m Bronto skylift. There are also ambulance on alert round the clock with paramedical teams and all modern medical equipment. Indoors, every building is completely equipped with MERV-14 air filters, the best air purification technology in the country yet. Each building has direct access to Raghvendra Marg, a 16-lane signal-free road for smooth vehicular movement, with several underpasses for easy navigation towards every exit. The buildings house everything our partners need - banks, retail stores, convenience marts, fitness centres, medical centres, restaurants, etc.


- To ensure a healthy and prosperous return for our patrons, and the safety of workforce, we organised COVID vaccination drives for our employees and facility partners. Hundred percent of our employees were vaccinated in a short time.

How does this help our patrons and visitors?

LEED Platinum is a certification of exceptional people and environment-centric planning. It gives our stakeholders the assurance that DLF Cybercity houses not only the most sustainable office buildings in Gurgaon , but also workplaces where individual needs are met, and so is every aspiration they have. When it comes to office spaces in Delhi NCR, Cybercity is the prime choice for MNCs and Fortune 500s.

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