Transforming corporate events: The Auditorium at DLF Cyber Park

Corporates today require much more than cubicles and desks to make great work happen. They need ecosystems that facilitate productive work, convenience, connections, and work-life. Thus, office spaces are calibrating themselves to provide an environment where recreation and high-performance join forces and promote the most satisfactory work experience.

DLF Cyber Park is a workplace built keeping this vision in mind: to revolutionise the way people work. This IT/ITeS office building is spread across 12 acres, equipped with modern amenities to offer a wholesome working environment to Fortune 500 companies and technology leaders.

Amenities such as creche, F&B offerings, and spacious parking make life at DLF Cyber Park convenient for everyone who works here. In addition, The Auditorium that it houses offers the perfect arena to host collaborations, conversations and celebrations. This corporate event venue integrates seamless design and cutting-edge technology to make every event a success.

The Auditorium

Ideally, corporate event venues must come with thorough planning to leave no stone unturned. From seating arrangement, proper lighting, sophisticated design to provision of latest technology, an auditorium should have all the basic necessities and more. Since auditoriums bring together people and ideas, they have become essential to have in workplaces. The Auditorium at Cyber Park is a product of this philosophy, and DLF's customer-centric planning.

This is a corporate venue where bright minds can gather to brainstorm ideas and discuss their vision through workshops, seminars, conferences, TED Talks and more. This is also a venue where cultural celebrations come to life. Here, businesses can make the most out of their product launches, company news, training programs, or all other business occasions.

It comes with comfortable seating with a capacity of 145 pax. The upholstered armchairs are positioned around the stage and provide utmost comfort while you enjoy events and presentations. The air quality and ventilation are top-notch and promote fresh air throughout. In addition, the lighting is just appropriate to increase concentration and keep the viewers engaged in the event.

Certainly, organising any event requires a great amount of effort in planning. At The Auditorium, you can bypass this hassle. Discover a convenient method of hosting seminars, conferences, and meetings with the necessary amenities in place and a dedicated in-house concierge.

When great messages are conveyed through the right technology, they are bound to make a long-lasting impact on the audience. To ensure that the experience of the audience is memorable, the auditorium is equipped with state-of-the-art AV technology. The pre-function area encourages meaningful exchanges of ideas.

Its location makes The Auditorium easily accessible from around NCR. However, for attendees who can not make it to the venue, the auditorium also provides seamless online connectivity so that they do not miss out on any moment of the events.

The Auditorium has witnessed multiple events, such as Yellowstone International Film Festival. This show celebrated world-class cinema, and DLF Cyber Park was delighted to serve as the venue for it. In addition, the stand-up show hosted here by Gaurav Gupta was also a huge success.

Final thoughts:

In every office we plan, every amenity is curated mindfully, contributing to an ideal working environment and work-life balance. The Auditorium at DLF Cyber Park is our vision of the corporate occasions of the future.

Located right on NH 48, DLF Cyber Park consists of 3 interconnected towers. Its proximity to the metro station and robust road connectivity make it easily accessible to the elite talent pool in Delhi and NCR.

Once inside, you experience a high-performance ecosystem. The MERV-14 filtration technology ensures that the air indoors is pure at all times. Touch-enabled entries and baggage screens help achieve the highest standards of hygiene. Further, DLF ascertains maximum safety and security with a 24x7 ambulance, dedicated fire station and on-board paramedical services.

With DLF Cyber Park, the concept of 9 to 5 takes on a new meaning. Here, you can go beyond the conventional notions of working and explore a multitude of ways to make the most of your time here.

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